June 25-July 1, 2007 Week 26

The week started out slow but still much was accomplished. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and soon I shall have my inventory complete (only two months later than I had planned, but complete none the less). With the push of shows soon upon me I am searching for balance and harmony these next few weeks. This means working shorter days, eating well, finding solace in hobbies, sleeping enough, and generally enjoying my last few weeks of freedom. Although I do shows in April, May and June, I really think if my “season” as starting mid-July. This is when the fun starts- five shows in a row (18 days total), two weekends off, then six more in a row (10 more days total), two weeks off (our vacation cruise), then 8 more in a row (26 days total) . It means that soon I am in reaction mode and all the planning in the world is out the window…

Monday: Monday chores, making cutting and putting soap away. Made soap samplers.

Tuesday: Tuesday chores- which were interrupted by an almost 2 hour power outage leaving me to find things to do that didn’t need electricity (finally got the new bird feeder up). Since we bought new bath towels over the weekend that meant I got all the old ones as shop rags, so I went through and threw out the worst of the worst of my existing shop rags. Made soap, cut soap, got soap out of molds, cleaned molds and all that good soap making stuff. I finished knitting my sweater and bought a blocking board online. I can’t wait till it comes so I can block and assemble my sweater…

Wednesday: More soapmaking~ put away molds, cut soap, made soap, sent out an order, cleaned molds & pots and made lip glosses (my almond oil had arrived. I started knitting a new vest out if banana silk- weird stuff to work with, and when C got home we emptied the hot tub and refilled it. It is supposed to be done twice a year and we were a little overdue..

Thursday: I answered a huge pile of emails that had been building up, sent out show paperwork that was due, made soap, worked on lip glosses, and spent a good part of the day knitting.

Friday: Busy day~ Friday chores (cleaning the cat water bowl and cat pan, taking out the garbage, stuff like that). Made soap- cut soap, milled soap….all that jazz…I also sent out an order, a box of samples to a wholesale inquiry, and stuff out to J she wanted. I also worked on my newsletter and on information for an upcoming demo I am doing.

Saturday: Started the day in the garden staking the pepper plants and thinking that I will be over run with cucumbers this year. I brought in some beets to pickle and got them boiled. C and I tried to rearrange our living room furniture and gave up. We try this every few months- move things around and the don’t like it any more than the previous configuration, only to move everything back the way it was. Its good exercise… C hooked up my new computer and now I have a tone of things to install, fix, and just generally make it the way that I want. While he messed with it I took a nap. Then I made a late lunch/early dinner and we were amazed by how quickly the day passed us by.
Sunday: I ran to Michaels in the morning to get cotton yarn that was on sale. Then I started working on my computer- installing office, configuring my e-mail, wondering why everything in Itunes was doubled and how much of a pain it will be to fix it. And then we gardened- we clipped back this tree that we dislike into something that looks like it just came from a Dr. Seuss book. We ripped out a huge thing of creeping Juniper, which made my arms itch and turn red. We went and looked at plants at a local nursery and sort of decided on a few we like. I made lunch while C cleaned up some of the yard waste and after that we went back out looking for plants. But the places were closed. We went to dinner with B &M which was good food- but the menu was SEVERLY limited by what they were not out of and we were disappointed that we felt like we had no choices. But the company was great and B gave me some awesome retro knitting pattern books that I can’t wait to look through and try some stuff from.

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