July 24-30 Week 30

This week we changed our plans. We were going to go to Vermont to check out a boutique style craft show, but with the pressing amount of things I needed to get done for show season, the huge amount of stuff to do around the house, and the fact that C starts a new job on Monday (actually same job, same place, just for a new company), sit just made sense to stay home and get stuff done. I got to get some inventory done and C just did bunches of stuff around the house, and got to relax some too.

Monday: unloaded the van from the show. Went to AC Moore with J. They are carrying a huge ball of cotton yarn for only $10 now. I picked one up and will keep going back with my weekly 40% off coupon till I pick up all the colors. It makes nice bath mitts and will make quite a few of them too. Went to the bank and made my deposit- I also changed my address and ordered checks. Went to both post offices. I needed to make sure that my old PO box was being forwarded- which it is. J and I went to see Cars- it was too funny!!! I don’t see enough movies. I need to start bringing myself to see things that I want to see during the day once in a while.

Tuesday: B and I went to CDM Wholesale. She is on a show committee and needed to check things out in order to try and cut down on the amount of buy/sell at the show. We also went to the Flower and Craft Warehouse. We had a great lunch and a lot of fun. When I got home I started labeling lip balms.

Wednesday: Went to Out of Our Hands and updated my inventory (except bath fizzys) and then came home and almost finished those darn lip balms.

Thursday: Lip balms complete! C and I met J at the outlet mall and hung out for the day. I got a new pair of shoes which are really comfortable and I also picked up my mom’s birthday present- so now I don’t have to worry about that! C bought J a really nice purse. I joked it was her “happy graduation, happy birthday, glad you’re out of the military, sorry you’re moving, don’t expect anything else for Christmas” present… but its really just cuz we love her and C liked thinking that she will have something with her every day that will remind her that she is loved.

Friday: Worked on bath salts, went to the grocery store, stopped at Lowes, and J came for the night as she drove home to Michigan for little K’s birthday party.

Saturday: We set up the new tent, I worked on bath salts, back to AC Moore for more yarn, to Lay-Z-Boy to pick out furniture, Target for cat litter, did laundry, and vacuumed.

Sunday: Waterproofed the tent and finished the bath salts. Started putting together samplers and just about finished K’s poncho I have been knitting her. I took a nap in the afternoon, so now I am wide awake and doing stuff when I should be asleep.


39 things about me

I was just sent this from a friend so I decided to answer on line instead of in an e-mail...

2. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU CURRENTLY READING? 1000 Gardening Questions and Answers
3. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? A Cartoon Giraffe and baby Giraffe
6. YOUR FAVORITE SMELL? Egyptian Cotton (A linen and musk blend)
7. WORST SMELL? Patchouli
8. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? I need to feed the cats so I can go back to sleep
12. FUTURE (or first) CHILD'S NAME: Yikes!! Cats not Kids!
16. FAVORITE TV SHOW? Project Runway right now, CSI: Las Vegas in the fall
18. STORMS - COOL OR SCARY? Cool...especially at night
21. IF YOU COULD BE ANYONE YOU WANTED TO BE, WHO WOULD IT BE? I am happy to be me, but I’d like to be me with Oprah’s bank account!

26. IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? Doesn’t matter- pretty soon you’re gonna spill it
27. FAVORITE MOVIE? Shawshank Redemtion
29. WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? Nothing, maybe one of the cats….
32. SAY ONE NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Chris was my best bud in college, I wish we lived closer
34. HAMBURGER OR HOTDOG? Hotdog from Yocco’s
36. THE BEST PLACE YOU HAVE EVER BEEN? I really liked Curacao
37. WHAT SCREENSAVER IS ON YOUR COMPUTER NOW? None, I turn off my screen
38. PERSON MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? No one, I’m posting to my blog


June 22-23 Blueberry Festival at Burnside Plantation

I have one word for you- Redemption. Last year I was worried about the future of this show and after this year, despite the rain, I am feeling as though it is back in track as a strong, vibrant, local craft show. Many of the crafters (but not all of them) that I personally disagree with their presence were gone, and there seemed to be more crafters this year than ever. As usual the blueberry pies and ice cream and other goodies were top notch and I was unable to say no to the temptations, as I now have three pies in my fridge (I wonder if they freeze?). It rained all morning on Saturday. A hard rain, enough to keep all but the most dedicated away. By the time it cleared, people already had set plans to do other things besides walk around in the steaming sun at a festival. Sales wise, I was surprised that I made what I did. Sunday was a good day- a strong Sunday, but not enough sales to make up for Saturday. All in all I made very close to the same amount as I did in 2005, which is still about 50% less than 2004. But I think that if it hadn’t of rained this show would have been as strong as 2004 and possibly better. It was nice to have J with me- even though she hates thunder storms, and anything that resembles camping (which being in a craft tent sort of does). But she knit her very first bath mitt and started a second one, reading the pattern all by herself…I’m so proud of her and I wish I could pick up crochet as fast as she has picked up knitting. It’s been a good, solid start to a long craft show season.

Best Sellers:
Soap: Lavender
Bath Fizzy: Gardenis
Bath Salt: Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Wisdom (tie_
Lip Balm: Chocolate Truffle
Lotion Bar: Autumn Amber

June 17-23- Week 29

Well its official- show season is starting and I am totally out of shape and unprepared for this season. I can barely remember how to put up a tent, and getting organized on my side of the table is a challenge. The week went well and all in all has been positive, with many great things. I learned how to fold some awesome paper boxes, I participated in Emmaus Heritage Days for a few days at Out of Our Hands, and I received my new labels for my lip balms and lip glosses- so I had the opportunity to get some of those labeled as well.

Monday: Dinner with B&M. After a long hot day, B was a little dazed and confused. I think we all were. I cleaned the house in the morning a little, and the rest of the day, plumbers, handymen, and flooring guys came in and gave us estimates on some work we’d like to have done in the house. Yikes! Some of it was a little more pricy than we expected. Especially that sink in the basement (and water, and pump, and counter…).

Tuesday: Paid bills, started putting together stock for Out of Our Hands, went looking for a sofa, knit- finishing a shawl. The sofa hunt was interesting. Man there is a plethora of ugly furniture out there. Lots of stuff that is dated, and lots of fur magnets. With three cats I need to make sure whatever material I choose isn’t just a large lint brush in disguise. The cats will lay on it and leave behind the equivalent of another cat in fur and I’ll be constantly trying to vacuum the thing.

Wednesday: I finished putting together Out of Our Hands stock, went to the post office, picked up dry cleaning, and bought yarn for my next few projects- a child’s poncho for my nieces birthday, an adults poncho (same but bigger) and a Runan (I think I spelled that right) essentially a poncho without all the bulk, and much more style. With my show schedule these should keep me busy till September.

Thursday: I spent the morning at Out of Our Hands with a display outside because it was Emmaus Heritage Days and I am an Emmaus artist since we moved in June. Yippee! Unfortunately the scalding heat drove away most people who may have come by. That evening I went to a class with B about paper box making. It was very cool. I had made boxes before but in a different way and in a way that needed a lot of measuring, these were just so easy I’ll be making some of them for sure. I want to see if I can figure one that will hold bath fizzys. I think they would look great in folded boxes.

Friday: I wrapped lip balm in the morning because I got my new labels in. I messed up and bought the wrong size label though. So once I run out of these 2000 I need to measure again and order the right size next time. J came in the early afternoon. We were going to set up for Blueberry Festival but they were calling for rain, and with the downpour we got I was glad we didn’t set up. Instead we went to AC Moore and I bought a rotary paper cutter so I can cut those new labels down to the size I need more easily. We went to Out of Our Hands from 5-8 where I set up again. It was quiet, but we had lots of fun hanging out outside. We got packed just as the rain started.

Saturday- Sunday: Blueberry Festival at Burnside Plantation.


July 10th-16th Week 28

It was a great week to settle into the house. J came by and stayed for almost the whole week. I really liked the ability to settle in with company- it made the house feel comfortable and lived in and homey right away.

Monday I woke early and got bills and that sort of stuff done. Then I went ith J to the doctor- she had some stitches removed, but the appointment was in NY- so it was about a 4 hour round trip if you included lunch. When we got back we started cleaning the shop and I think its about 99% finished at this point. Later that evening we went to WalMart (took me a few tries to find it) and bought some yarn so she could start a blanket.

Tuesday: Went to the grocery store and made C stuffed shells for dinner- he has been craving them and I took advantage of J’s “meatball gene” (she’s Italian). I also got my hair cut- really short- and we found a great yarn store right in town. Nice selection good prices.

Wednesday: I did lots of paperwork, and got stock ready for DCCA. We then just spent the rest of the day knitting and crocheting.

Thursday: Went back to the old house to clean the ½ bath that we had forgotten to clean, went to the PO to forward mail from my old PO Box to my new PO box, and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. And not surprisingly, once we got home, we chilled, and knit.

Friday: I ordered labels for my lip balm tubes since D got the design completed. I printed flyers with my new contact info. I also learned that my waiver for a class at school was approved, so that means I only have three more classes until graduation. I’ll be done just before Christmas!!! I also spoke with J’s husband about an ad I need for a show flyer.

Saturday: J left early in the morning. I ran errands- groceries, etc. Later that day GinSue started getting a tummy ache. I think she ate a bug. It was about 8 pm when I called mom because I was so worried. She told me to give her Kaopectate- 1 teaspoon for every 10 lbs. and in an=bout an hour GinSue was her usual self- purring and bonking her head against you.

Sunday: GinSue still seemed a little under the weather in the morning but by the afternoon she was just fine. I hope this teaches her a lesson- that curiosity can kill the cat. I still don’t know what she got herself into. I also went to Target whole C went to the old house to meet the landlord and officially hand over the keys and end our lease. After that we went to Home Depot and looked at ceiling fans and new doorbells.


Pictures of the New House

These were taken as we were moving in. I'll post more after we get settled more.


July 3-July 9 Week 27

I can defiantly tell that the year has surpassed its half way mark- the stress is ramping up and my list of things to do is getting longer and longer. The new house sure adds some new duties- I have a higher expectation of myself to keep it sparkling clean- as well as wanting to decorate and paint etc… I have to remind myself that some things will just not get done till January, my off season, when I have the time to do things right. D is just about complete with all of my new labels and tags, and the shop is almost arranged how I would like it. I hope to get back to making soap this next week, so I can see how much the fragrance permeates the new house. The cool thing is I can close my shop door and turn on the cool fan my dad made for the window, and send a lot of it outside (I’m sure my neighbors will be happy).

As for the week:
Monday: we drive my dad back to his truck, and C got a speeding ticket on the way. In the morning we took a trip to the old house and got a bunch more stuff out of it. Later in the afternoon dad came back, he had been told he didn’t have any work till Wednesday and had found a place nearby to park the truck.

Tuesday: I started the day doing a major overhaul of my desk and office area, starting a to do list and a to do pile. I started in on the pile doing what I could do via the internet and things like that. It made me feel more normal to be able to see the top of my desk and have a handle on things.

Wednesday: I paid show fees (a few were overdue, whoops) organized the shop some, finished my long list of address changes, went to the grocery store, and mailed an order I had received over the weekend.

Thursday: Ran more errands: bank, PO (applied for a PO Box), target, and then arranged the shop some more.

Friday: Mailed an order, got my PO box (PO Box 1, isn’t that cool!) and then knitted for much of the day. I finished a shawl I was working on and started a new scarf with this ribbon yarn that was a bear to ball from the skein, but is so pretty, so far it has been worth every minute. I also go back to doing some yoga in the morning and riding my stationary bike. I hope that this combined with some better eating habits and taking a walk at night will get me in better shape.

Saturday: We finished the old house. All clean, all empty. OK, so I might have to go back and clean the ½ bath in the basement- neither of us can remember of we cleaned it or not. So C is stopping by after work to check, and we officially clear this next weekend. Then its over!!! Not to rent again…

Sunday: I had a terrible night of sleep and finally got up because the cats were pestering me for food. I arranged stuff on a new bookshelf we bought, and did quite a bit of laundry before C got up. We then went to Pier 1- only to learn that out furniture is no longer made so we can’t get two more chairs for our dining set, then to BJ’s where we must have been thirsty because I now have a half a dozen new beverages in the house, and then to Target where Mr. Rockefeller (C’s new self appointed nickname) and I bought new pillows and throws, some rugs for the kitchen, and all that fun stuff. B & M brought us to dinner at Bob Evans and just about midnight J arrived for her stay this week. Whew, long day…


June 25-July 1- Week 26

Sunday-Wednesday- Trip to Florida

Thursday: We all went through our things that we brought back from Florida. A few more bags to Goodwill, lots of trash, and lots of laundry. I also tried to get caught up on bills and paperwork that had sat while I was gone.

Friday: We took the van back to the rental place and then went over to the old house and picked up a bunch of stuff that was still there. It will be empty soon- but it is mostly clean at least. The phone finally works in the new house, but I lost some messages that I was saving to call back when I returned, oops!

Saturday: We started the shop arrangement. I was happy to lean that my basement window faces the right way for me to be able to get XM signal. The curing room is just about all set with just a few minor changes and improvements needed.

Sunday: A trip to Ikea was in order. I needed more bins for the basement, and we needed shelves for the shed, and for the spare room as well.

The past few weeks have been very busy and I will be happy when I get a little more settled. The new house is coming along well, we have started making list of things that we want to have done- floors refinished, cabinets refaced, etc. But it is a lovely, welcoming home that I think will make us very happy for a long time.

Trip to Florida- June 24-June28

Saturday June 24th. I got up and on the road early (around 6 am) and drove to Mechanicsburg, PA to pick up my dad. After that we started to drive with only a few incidents: some traffic back up due to a merge, an accident, and a downpour (not all at the same time). Dad also had a little accident walking in the back of the van- hitting his head and causing a minor abrasion. We did get to see a double rainbow after one rain squall came through. We ended the night in a hotel in South Carolina, about 60 miles from the Georgia border.

Sunday June 25th: We continued the drive. There was a plethora of drivers driving weird= typically they were hauling rented trailers and/or driving rented box trucks and acting like they were sports cars- weaving in and out of traffic, talking on their cell phones, and just generally being unaware of their blind spots. It rained just about all day, but we did get to see another double rainbow during an intermission. We stopped at C’s in New Port Richey to drop off a piece of furniture of hers that I had in PA, and then went down to Tampa for dinner with P (a friend of dad’s) where we picked up some of his stuff he was storing there. Service at the restaurant was so bad we got it for free (steaks!). We finished the day in Sarasota at a Hampton Inn with one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on.

Monday June 26th: We started the morning at Starbucks and then went to storage, There we packed the van twice with things that we brought to Goodwill and then finally packed the van with the stuff we were brining home to keep pr sort through. We stopped at Aunt I’s for a quick shower and a beautiful lunch (sandwiches, salad, and fruit). I don’t get to see her often but I am glad that we stopped to say “hello” when we had the chance. We started north to Dundee Florida, where we had an awful hotel experience at this mom& pop place. First they gave me the key to the wrong room- where I walked in on a few people. Then the next room was open when I got there- light was on too. I never even went in. So we ended the night a little off the path at a hotel near Cypress Gardens- even the droning of the A/C handler couldn’t keep us awake.

Tuesday June 27th: We started the morning with some great Danishes and dad said pretty bad coffee from a local coffee shop. We drove up to where dad’s car was parked- well WAS parked- see, after the hurricanes that came through the lot it was parked in sat under 4 feet of water- and so did the car- it had been towed and destroyed. Not bad, because that was all we wee going to have done to it anyway. So we saved ourselves a few hours of work and jumped on the road to go home. On the way, I thought it was cool that some of the NASCAR haulers were coming down to Daytona from Watkins Glen- we passed about 6 that I noticed. We stopped in North Carolina for the night.

Wednesday June 28th: Almost home we stopped in Maryland for breakfast. The drive was very uneventful. You could tell that we were both a little sore, and getting tired, and the adrenaline was wearing thin. I started talking to C & B&M on the phone, learning that that rain that were dove down through caused some serious bad flooding in PA, NJ, and NY. J’s gram had her house flooded, but besides that everyone else was safe and sound. C said that the basement in the new house was nice and bone dry. We made it home about 3 in the afternoon, tired, and safe.