Musikfest & Irene

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Musikfest & Irene, a set on Flickr.

Final Pics of Musikfest Clean up and Damage with Hurricane Irene Pictures too

Irene and Random Thoughts

Seeing the flooding at the Colonial Industrial Quarter I am amazed that any tent withstood that during the Musikfest Flood. I am sure Irene flooded it higher, but the sheer volume of water and the amount of space it took over has left me in sheer amazement. There is nothing left to say but this area needs to be abandoned by any festival, it is just too dangerous to take the chance of something like this happening again. If Irene had hit just a few weeks ago I can be certain that more would have been lost to the creek's wrath.

I am posting my last few pictures of Musikfest clean up and my pictures of Irene after this post.

As for us- the house and workshop are just fine. No leaking in the basement and just a little water in the kitchen by the door whee the wind just forced it in. I didn't even notice it until I mopped today and moved the rug- only to lean it was all wet underneath.

The vet is coming today to see the cats. They haven't seen a vet in years but I think one of them is showing signs of feline diabetes and I want to catch that as quickly as I can. Luckily I found a vet that will come to the house. I think that is the best so as to keep their stress levels low. Totally worth the extra money, and besides hauling two cat carriers to the vet is no picnic, so avoiding that is worth its weight in gold.

Had to clean the living room/dining room/kitchen before the vet came today. I was kinda embarrassed by the inch of dust on the bookcase. It looked like an old abandoned house in a Scooby-Do cartoon, all the dust bunnies and cobwebs. Goes to show that for most of July and August I don't really live in my house, I just stop by and sleep every night.

Now my big thing for today is to clean my desk. I did the top hutch this morning, but the desk top and the drawers- oh the drawers! are going to be a challenge. I keep procrastinating out of it, but I really need to do it. But I think I need to finish this blog, work on my web site, and order some supplies first. :)

Irene was good for one thing- I got to rest. Two days of hanging out in the house, watching TV when we had power and just knitting the rest of the time. I got a shawl and a hat done. Now my pile of things that need to be blocked is larger than ever. I think I will take advantage of this nice weather this week to bring the blocking board onto the sun room and get some things done.

So that is kinda it around here. I don't have a show until the end of the month but Dad has the farm markets and a few craft shows before then. Just a lot of inventory to make and paperwork to catch up on so I can go into the really busy season without too much on my plate.

Hope you all fared well in the storm!


Artsquest has done well...

Today I went to get my mail from my PO Box. To my surprise, there was correspondence from ArtsQuest. To my bigger surprise along with the letter (signed by Mr. Parks himself) was a check. Albeit a small check, but a check none the less.

Because Handwerksplatz was closed on Sunday top the public (so we could clean up the carnage), we were refunded the rent we had paid for that day. Bravo!!!

In addition, I was offered the opportunity to vend my craft at one of their upcoming festivals free of charge (SteelJam, Blue Fest, or Oktoberfest). Although it is not spelled out- if I read between the lines- I see this as an apology for any money I lost in sales and in damages. This is their way of giving me an opportunity to make back some or all of my losses due to the flood. Double Bravo!!

The letter also spelled out that there are opportunities to move Handwerksplatz next year out of the flood zone, possibly to Main Street. There is certainly still lot so time to iron out the final resting site, but I LOVE the idea of moving it to Main Street and I would happily go there. It may take a year or two to iron out the move and to get people used to the change, but I would sure love to try Main Street before trying the South Side, any day!

The letter was signed by Mr. Parks and Mr. Hannon (the Events Manager) and it made me smile. It has restored my faith that the organization is retaining its humanity as it grows into a corporate behemoth. I don't know if this letter will satisfy everyone's disappointment, or taste for litigation, but I am satisfied that they have done the damage control needed to satisfy me and they have done it in a timely manner. Mr. Parks has manned up, and I have lost my desire to punch him in the nose. I would shake his hand.

Philadelphia Folk Festival- Day 3

Another day filled with rain, thunder, and lightening. It really put a damper on the day's sales but the people who were left seemed to be having fun despite the weather.

I got kinda bummed about it partway through the day, and really didn't look forward to packing in the rain or the extra work today getting everything dried out and washed off- again. I am really glad I don't have a show fro a month (dad has a few) and I need the recuperation time mentally more than physically.

Right as we began to pack the rain stopped! Halleluiah! So although we had to dolly or carry everything out (or wait hours to bring our van in), and this meant going through puddles of standing water and 3 inches of mud in some places, we at least didn't have to get soaked to the skin doing it!

We got everything in the van, the van got out without getting stuck (that even impressed C) and we were on our way home in about an hour and a half. We didn't even rush or get crazy trying to do it either. We got home, peeled the muddy shoes from our feet and jumped in a shower.

So today is clean up and catch up day. Make soap, clean the tent, catch up on paperwork. Off I go!!


Philadelphia Folk Festival- Day 2

Not the Saturday that I expected. I thought the 50th would be jam packed with people. And I think it is in camping. But so many people are having fun over there I don't think they are all coming over into the main show area.

The problem with expanding the arts and crafts area to include more vendors is that in this economy that just spreads what little money people have to spend thinner, so they spend less with each vendor so they don't break their budget.

But I did get to see some wonderful regular customers. One has a son going off to college in just a few days, I have known him since he was 12. It has been a pleasure watching him grow up into such a handsome young man. Another missed last year because she was pregnant. She and her husband brought the baby in this year, such a little man! Another missed last year because of a move out west, but was sure to be back for the 50th anniversary this year.

This festival is more than money to me now. It is about the friends I have made, and a community that accepts me and I accept them, eccentricities and all. I wish I made more money today but I don't think I have lost customers, they are just spending their money elsewhere while at the show because they know that can get me online, or at other shows, so it helps them stretch their budget further. My reliability gives them confidence to find my product other ways and to buy things from people they may never see again instead. I am OK with that.

Today is supposed to be an afternoon filled with severe storms. Great. I am going early so I can open up and hopefully get some early morning sales before everyone packs and runs for home. Not sure what tear down ill be like: an evacuation, just a wet mess, or leave it until tomorrow. I just can't leave it in a field overnight by itself if everyone around me has torn down. Gonna be another fun one.


Philadelphia Folk Festival- Day 1

Rain Rain go away, come back... in a week or two, ok??

We had one heck of a storm come through about 6pm. On the front side it was just a few gusts of wind and then a hard rain, but after it passed over was when the fun started. The winds picked up and it all went crazy.

I closed down my tent and held on. Again, the tent next to mine leaned in and started pushing. I could watch the stake start to pull from the wet ground. I pushed back with all my weight and all my might. My feet slipping on the wet ground. I have a secondary stake on each corner and rope as well, but if I can avoid relying on that I will. Plus the tents are set up in a line, so we will topple like dominoes if one leans into the other too much.

What pisses me off is that I was there first, set up first, and this idiot crowded me, only give us 6 inches between tents. He started the day cramming his tent sides between us, and I watched my tables rock back and forth as he knocked into them. I can barely get my tent side unzipped because of the space issue, or zipped fast- such as in the rain. So as soon as the wind hit, his tent had nowhere to go but into mine.

But the rain did end and left carnage in its path. A row of 5 tents there with the Sustainable Roadshow blew over in unison, leaving a mangles mess of parts, like a child's pick up stick toy. Others sustained damage or their tent tops were swamped with water and collapsed inside, drenching the tent contents.

Many vendors just closed up and went home. They will be back today to fix the mess and try again. Some will just leave and give up.

I stayed open along with a few others near me and I ended up with some solid sales of the day. Not where I had hoped for before the rain, but much better than I expected after it.

Might rain again today, but not much chance. And after yesterday, some sprinkles won't chase away anybody.


Philadelphia Folk Festival- Set up and Before

It does my body and soul good to be going into my favorite show of the year right after the Musikfest debacle.

It started Sunday when my phone rang and Judi from the Folk Fest was checking in on me, how I was, and what they could do to help me be sure that I could attend their festival. They were ready to be sure I had a tent, tables, anything but inventory available for me. This just isn't a good business move on their part- they don't have many vendors/crafters so having a less than full field can look bad- but it was a testament to who the people who run this show are. They are a family and when you are part of the festival you are part of that family. They take care of you.

When I arrived Wednesday to set up it was more of the same- are you OK, what can we do, tell us the story, let us reassure you that won't happen here. It was wonderful and setting up felt more like a vacation than a day of work. Everything went smoothly and calmly. Gotta love that!

I have to leave in a few minutes to go to the show. I am going to be alone today. It is a long day- 12 hours. But there is no place I would rather be alone at a show. I get ice brought to me, my dinner if I need it, change, and a constant stream of people offering to booth sit so I can potty. Usually I have me and my staff (C and Dad) but today I will take advantage of all of their services and I will happily be taken care of. No other show takes as good a care of me as they do, and I love them for it.


Musikfest Day 10

We arrived at about 8 am. The bridge stone bridge was closed. The area needed to be cleared for health and safety. Port-o-lets had been lost and tipped over, loosing their contents, and propane tanks were lost as well. It all had to be cleared before we could enter.

As we waited to see our fates, no hospitality was extended to us. No coffee, no food, nothing. We were told to go up the hill to Wired at eat there. A good Samaritan who lives in the building by the stone bridge brought us soda, coffee, and doughnuts. He refused payment, he surrendered his receipt hoping one of us would be reimbursed somehow.

My phone finally rung. I was told "it would be a few hours" before we could get in, that Volksplatz and Handwerksplatz would be closed for the day and that I would be called again when I could come down and enter the premises. I never received another phone call. It has been four days.

About an hour later we were let in. I immediately started taking pictures and we started breaking down our stuff. We decided to triage it when we got home, determine the extent of our damage later, but to stay and help our friends pack instead.

The rains were on and off, we were continually told to hurry up because evacuation was imminent.

Simple questions revealed there was no plan for this. I asked what to do with things in my tent that didn't belong to me- is there a central repository for lost items- no.. I asked if there will be a way for us to trade photos we may need to insurance issues- like a Flickr account- No. I asked if there was a dumpster nearby so that we can toss rather than bring home waterlogged, mud logged, who knows what logged, items... no (but one later arrived).

A little after noon we left. We got home, cleaned up, and got real food.

I still have a ton of questions. Many based on hearsay and anecdotal stories. Why were volunteers not allowed to come in and help the clean up? Why does the creek not have a maximum height it reaches before being evacuated (this should be MUCH lower than the Fire Department's number)? Why has no one contacted me to do any damage control- to see how I am- to see how I fared?

All I can say is that when you are a crafter you know stuff happens. Weather happens, theft happens, just about anything can happen. How it is handled after it happens is what separates the men from the boys. As of right now I personally do not feel like I was among men that night, or since.

I can say that this event has changed me. I will no longer ignore that feeling in my gut to "get out" from any situation, at a craft show or otherwise. I am the master of my own destiny from now on. I will accept any repercussions from my actions, but the safety of me, my family, and my stuff comes first from now on.

NOTE: Please see my post of 8.22 to see the resolution to this event. I am happy to say that I have been satisfied with the results and response by ArtsQuest.

Musikfest Day 9

The day started out good. Sales were strong, the crowd was thick, everyone seemed happy. We ere watching the weather the best we could with what smart phones and I-pads we had. Mostly it seemed that it was going to start after the show closed at 11 om and that Sunday would be a wash out.

In the afternoon we were told the "escape plan": give us your cell phone, get your friends and family on speed dial, and gather all the dollies and roll carts you can. We may be calling you in the middle of the night. Take out your valuables, and have everything else ready for a quick exit.

I guess the early, hard rain surprised everyone. We started packing about 9:30 and started to take out what we could. Getting a dolly through three inches of slick mud is an impossible task. Getting it over the stone bridge, and down Conestoga street the three blocks to where you are parked even more impossible. It was at least a half hour before we were allowed to bring in any vehicles, we couldn't park closer or we would block the street for everyone, we couldn't park on the other side of the stone bridge because it was full of fire trucks and fire police.

We got packed. We got the inventory out. C went to drive home and switch cars so we could get the rest. The heavens opened up and the deluge came. Dad and I waited in the tent for it to calm down and we were going to start taking apart the tent. We never had the chance. We were evacuated out.

We ran up the hill to the Moravian Book Store and stood shivering under it's awning. We were soaked to the skin. By the time C got back to us it was 11:11. The show has only been officially closed for just a few minutes. I wanted to stand ion the ramp and watch the water, see what happened, but we went home instead. Only because I wasn't alone and C was driving.

We got home and showered, I was dryer after getting out than when I went in. A glass of hot tea, a few more hours awake at the computer and just a few scant hours of sleep later, we went back to see the carnage. My phone never rang during the night.


Musikfest 2011

Musikfest 2011 050Musikfest 2011 049Musikfest 2011 048Musikfest 2011 047Musikfest 2011 046Musikfest 2011 045
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Musikfest 2011, a set on Flickr.

Pictures of Musikfest 2011

Musikfest Day 8

I am behind in my blog.. and after the news of the flood, honestly, nobody (including myself) cares about or can remember what happened day 8. It is Day 9 and 10 that are interesting.

Thank you for everyone (seriously, DOZENS of people) who called or emailed to see if we were OK. I cried after every contact.

We are OK. We have a little tent damage but nothing that can't be fixed or replaced. We lost a few small wooden displays, and a chair they were swept away. The electric is ruined (cooler and fan). We got the inventory out on Saturday night but didn't have enough warning to get the tent out before Firemen came and kicked us out. We had to leave the rest to fate.

Pray for my friends who lost it all. Tent, displays, tables, everything gobbled up by the water. Nothing even left to pack. Not enough manpower or notice to get everything out, and it was lost.

But I have a rant in the makings.. this blog is called On A Soap Box and I plan on getting on mine and calling out the good and the bad. But I need some time to formulate and think and process. So tomorrow I shall type.


Musikfest Day 7

I think I can... I think I can....

Right now I totally identify with The Little Engine Who Could. I am still chugging uphill but I see the light and know that it is almost over.

I am tired, not so much physically as mentally. This morning the littlest things made me burst into tears. I had to call C to calm down, and then I skipped my morning blog and took a nap (at 8:45 am, a nap!!!!).

But yesterday was ok. I had an issue, I let a friends son hang in the booth with me for a bit. It ended up longer than either of us expected, and he got pretty antsy and I got kinda cranky. Soapy Dad had come and so the booth was very full and I felt pulled in too many directions. By dinner I had a headache and needed a bit of time away. Dad watched the booth while I ate and walked around for an hour.

We had a few hours of and then things calmed down. Dad offered to close up again tonight and I gladly took him up on the offer. I got to feed the cats, relax some, and get an extra hours sleep.

There are a few things so far this year I have noticed are different.

There seems to be less alcohol consumption going on, or at least if they are drunk they are not shopping. Kids are more unruly / unsupervised.

I have had more shaving brushes and stands destroyed this show than all year combined. In spend all day asking for kids to put them down as parents just watch, like it is a free toy.

I have less people signing up for my newsletter than past years.

I have more repeat customers than ever...it seems like fewer new customers.

I am getting old. Everyone's kids are getting tall and mature. They don't have babies anymore they have young adults. And the babies are now in elementary school or even middle. Argh!

So the days are becoming such blurs it is hard for me to think of what to say..so I am signing off and will be back tomorrow with another update.


Musikfest Day 6

Well maybe the tides have turned and the slump is over. Yesterday was both profitable and fun!

But the day is a blank... I am running on empty. I know there are a bunch of things I wanted to write about but right now I look at yesterday and it is all a fog.

Dad came in the evening for a few hours and I got to take a break, walk around, chat with friends for a bit.

The overall consensus is that most crafters are either down in sales, right about even, or nowhere where they wanted to be (if you are new there). Maybe there is someone hiding and making a huge profit, but most are hovering around even at best, maybe a tad bit up.

Every year is someone's best year, and sometimes it seems like it is everyone's best year. I hope someone is selling like gangbusters and I truly wish them well and am happy for them. But if that person is at this event, they sure are not sharing their glee. There are a lot of bummed people this year, and the general mood really makes it hard for me to stay happy.

So all I can say is I have AWESOME CUSTOMERS!!! Every time you stop and say something nice about my products, every time you stop just to say hello, every time you come into my empty booth just to sniff, you make me happy and often help me make sales. A full booth attracts attention, so just your presence draws other people in, and then when they hear you sing praise my way, it sells for me, it impresses them that I have fans that come back every year. Thank you!

OK, enough for today. I slept late and have to catch up on things. I can't remember yet what I planned on writing about anyway... the brain is in a fog....


Musikfest Day 5

I got there early before the rains came.. and they sure did come. they started about a half an hour before opening and lasted for quite a few hours.

Then it was just sloooooooo till 7 pm. And I went home around that time: dad came and rescued me so I could get a decent night's sleep.

The afternoon was super fun! G came by and helped me out for most of the day. He is going to start helping me at some shows, especially during Chriskindlmarkt. Although he is only 11, he is already a great salesperson and is smart and fun to be around. I am very lucky to be friends with his mom and family too :)

Later on A came by. His mom and I are friends and we figured he may get some practice running the cash resister. Too bad I only had one sale while he was there :( Gonna try that again tomorrow.

Dad came just as the day picked up a little. I took off, stopped and picked up a gluten free pizza (the ones at Armetta's are way better than UNO, and bigger, and a better money value!). Just got done eating, going to figure out what needs to happen tomorrow and get some sleep!!!!

It was hard to get to sleep, body is running on adrenaline and caffeine. But once I got there I slept like a log, didn't wake up for anything and had some of the oddest, most vivid dreams. But they were the kind that you swore you'd remember and then as the morning progresses they just fade away. All I have left is a distinct impression that somewhere in there was Timothy Olyphant and that can't be a bad thing, ever.

So yesterday was my slowest sales day yet, but dad really must have turned on the charm at the end because he did better than I had all day!

Only 5 more to go, the light is at the end of the tunnel and I am rejuvenated with sleep and food. I am ready for five more... bring it on!


Musikfest Day 4

It was a weird, weird day...

This morning some of us came in to learn there had been an arrest just recently. Someone had been caught stealing from a craft tent (not mine) several had been opened and left opened (again, not mine) so we were all on edge.

The day had been slow, and one thing I have learned is that an absence of people in the booth lets the odd ones come in and take up residence.

First was Geronimo reincarnated (so he claims) who hug out on one side and tried to tell me his life story (his lives stories to be more accurate). Odd but harmless, but odd.

Then there was Guy-Who-Just-Doesn't-Take-A-Hint... when I say that once you buy my business I will tell you all my trade secrets, this is your cue to leave. Please do so. Please do not make me be mean to you in front of my friends and customers. Even worse, you made them be mean to you in my defense and still didn't leave. Please do not invade my personal space, keep customers from being able to check out, and ask me my family lineage because you find my name interesting. Really, take the hints.. go...now...

By now I am tired, weirded out, and generally am unhappy with my sales, my experiences of the day, and I am tired and embarrassed.

This is NOT my favorite Musikfest. It is Day 4 and I feel like I may be on a downhill slide. I am tired and I am bummed out.

Musikfest Day 3

And there is still a week left folks...

At least the rains stayed away. That means sales were steady. Not quite enough to make up for Saturday's rain soaked day, but still stronger than I expected.

There are some very unhappy people. I have decent sales because I have built a wonderful, loyal following of people who come and make their "yearly purchase" at my booth. If enough repeat customers come, and a enough new faces show up, then I am happy. But some new people are starting from the bottom and are trying to build a following. It takes a while, and with the rains, this show is slower than usual. Some people expect it to be eleven hours a day of non stop sales. It is not. It is an endurance event. For me it all adds up in the end, but it is a marathon to get there, not a sprint.

And I think it depends on how the dates fall. I have had quite a few lookers who will be back next weekend because they get paid Wednesday. More and more people are living week to week as gas prices go higher and higher and food prices skyrocket. Some people even only get paid bi-monthly and things get short at the end. I think this year my better sale weekend will be weekend 2, where other years it is weekend 1.. it as all about the calendar and the weather.

But back to being unhappy... I don't understand a blind faith jump into a ten day event, no matter how much a promoter says it is a good thing. Look up other vendors and read their blogs, ask them how they do, go and look and see how much is being sold on Wednesday at 3 pm and om Friday at 9 pm and that should show you the extremes. I had a gentleman stop by my booth ans ask me how I was doing, I told him the truth, that the rains slowed things down. He told me he was from two hours away and was "thinking of doing this show"... I explained it is 11 hour days of being open to the public- so add some time for set up and clean up each day, and any drive to a hotel or home and imagine it for 5 or 10 days straight. Think if it in context... he decided that it probably wasn't the place for him.

Imagine this....pop a tent in your yard. Every morning pack a days worth of food. You can eat or drink nothing more than you pack because outside food s expensive and hard to get too. Don't pack too much or it goes bad in the cooler and you waste it and waste money. You can only go to the bathroom when a neighbor stops and offers to sit in your tent while you walk down the block and back because that is the closest bathroom. Do this from 12 noon to 11 pm. Rain or shine. That is the start of knowing how we feel as vendors.

OK.. off to pack inventory and start a sunny day four!


Musikfest Day 2

Eight to go...

Yesterday was actually pretty great until the rain came.. and then it was good until the hard rain came, and then it was OK after the rain left, and then it was miserable after the rain came back.

Nothing worse than not feeling well at a show.. except not feeling well at a show you are alone at.. in the rain. I had a tummy ache for a good portion of the day, something I had eaten didn't agree with me. But I was fine and customers kept me busy and my mind off of it until there was a lull...

But overall the day was just uneventful. I had a lot of great people come by, to either purchase or just chat so up until about 9 pm the day went really fast. The last two hours just dragged and dragged and 11 om couldn't come soon enough.

Without going into too much detail, I just have to say that the day made me count my blessings. I am lucky and happy that I have the friends I do, the family I have, the opportunities in my life, and the resources available to me. I am blessed beyond words and sometimes it takes seeing other people or really talking to someone else to see their situation for you to learn that yours isn't so bad.

Dad had his show and although it rained, and they were let home early, I think he had a good day and that the show really has potential for us. He says he enjoyed himself and had a good time despite the rain.

Time for me to go and pack inventory... I only have a few hours before I have to go. See ya soon!


Musikfest Day 1

One day down, 9 to go!

I got there about 2 in the afternoon to finish setting up. Same problems as yesterday but this time they didn't involve me so I just got to sit back and watch like it was reality TV. It's a small area and just about everyone wants to drive in, drop off inventory, and go park. Except for a few newbies, who want to drive in, leave the car unattended and empty, and then set up their display before moving their car and parking.

And was our handy on site Musikfest crafter liaison helping to move things along? Nope. Not. One. Bit. She was handing out information packets to crafters, she was window shopping, she was chatting with a colleague. Was she doing what I interpret to be her job? Nope. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is not her job and I am asking too much. I have been known to be wrong in the past. But when the show officially starts at 5 pm and there is still a car parked in the field (when the paperwork packet says no cars after 11 am!), then I think I have a valid point.

I also think there is a bunch of crap at this years show. We in the industry call it buy/sell. Because the vendor just buys it and sells it and does virtually nothing to the product themselves (but sometimes claims they do). Then there is a gray area of items that are mildly manipulated by the artisan (items bought and framed, or bought and spray painted for example) that the jury is out on weather or not this falls into handcrafted. Then there is the cottage industries with small armies of home workers turning out variations of an item and someone goes out and acts as a sales rep at shows for this co-op or company. All I can say is ask questions and buy what you feel right buying.

But enough of my rants.. time for a few raves...

Sales were strong. I never keep track by day so I am not sure how I compare to other years but I don't think the north/south split of the show ill ultimately effect my sales.

Customers are AWESOME! Time after time I heard "I buy from you every year" or "I buy from your dad at the farm market" or "I am so glad you are here, we were looking forward to seeing you again". Fills my heart with joy!!

C rocks. He landed in the afternoon from a business trip, grabbed some lunch, changed clothes, battled traffic, and came and sat with me for the night. He hooked up my electric, brought round up for the poison ivy, and generally kept me company and made me happy.

Dad did another local car show/craft show and had a pleasant time with commendable sales. I think he will have no problems reaching the sales goals we set for the show.

OK, that's it.. all my time for today. I have to go pack inventory and food. C-Ya!


Musikfest 2011 day 0

Well today was set up. All I can say is....

Seriously folks move your darn car when you are done with it. Why do I have to come in and get everyone to calaborate and move so people who want to get out could and people who could get in could....

And why is there not someone from the promoters there to do this for us??? Seriously??? I mean one representative even stopped and said she had been warned that there is a cluster of cars during set up. Really??? Say that and then walk away???

And why was the POISON IVY not removed from the spaces we need to set up in? No better way to start ten days of twelve hour work days than with a nice dose of poison ivy I guess. Nice to know my booth rental fee is going to...what is it going to again???

I got the tent set up with dads help and then got the displays mostly set up. Just a few fizzes and salts and signage to do tomorrow, and the lighting/electric to hookup.

Show starts tomorrow at five, I will be there about two to finish the set up and get settled in. Whoo hoo, hope today isn't a hint of things to come.


Couch to 5K week 3 - DONE!!!

I did it! Outside, on real pavement, with hills, not just on some silly treadmill that was flat and kinda slow.

This was my goal- to be able to say that I was done with Week 3 before the start of Musikfest. Now I can try week 4 once or twice and hopefully when things settle down in two weeks after the show is over I can start back up where I left off on week four without too much trouble.

I started psyching myself up for it last night and I was lucky I got to sleep in the cool air with the window open. I got out of the house about 6 am and it wasn't even 70 degrees out. I think that running in the cool is my best thing. Once it gets warm my lungs have more trouble with the humidity. When the alarm went off at 5, it was so nice in my room, and I knew I was ready and that I could do it this morning.

I shortened my route down by one block to reduce the hills some and took the pace slow and easy, I was finished with the five minute cool down as I came up my stairs into the kitchen. Perfect timing. I felt slow. I think in my mind running should be fast, like we do when we are kids, but I am just not there. I need to go for time, then speed/distance. One step at a time.

I told K the other day, since she is going through a few life changing things all at once, to just pick one thing, do it, and then go on to the next. Well my one thing is running these intervals- the time of these intervals, and not to worry about distance. The distance will come as I build my strength. So slow and steady is the plan.

As for the next few weeks: I hope to run Week 4 on Thursday, and maybe Saturday. Then the rest of the week is freestyle- if I feel good, then do it, if I am wiped out tired, then don't, and if I am somewhere in between go for a walk. I will pick up again on the 15th with Week 4 and I hope to have it down and done by the 26th. Big plan is that week 9 by Thanksgiving if possible. Then work on speed until it gets too cold out for me.


What an ugh week!

All I can say after last week is ... ugh! So glad it is over!

Wednesday started with a headache, that just lingered all day. I thought I was lucky that it didn't migrate into a migraine, but, when I woke up Thursday, I discovered that my elation was premature, and that in fact, not only was I dealing with a migraine, but some type of sinus issue. The only relief came with copious amounts of Tylenol and Benedryl, which just made me sleep and gives me the funkiest dreams. I mean seriously, I dream in bright vibrant color, and it is more like watching a TV show than having a dream.

Friday was just a comedy of errors. Got the car all packed up to head to Jammin for the Animals. Figured the show started at 5, and I only needed about an hour to set up so I was leaving about 2:30. Well due to a big accident on the major highway (78), it took me an hour and forty five minutes to get to the show (should have been 30, maybe 40 max). Once there I was very disappointed. The facility was very run down, the show seemed very disorganized. No one stopped me from driving in, asked me who I was, offered help, or anything. My head banging again, "hung over" from all the medications the day before, and just plain tired of driving, an executive decision was made and we turned around and came home. It took another hour and a half to make it there. It was the best decision I could have made, about ten minutes into the drive, it rained, hard. Set up would have been miserable.

So I hope that the show was good. I am sorry of anyone was looking for me. I just couldn't do it. The thought of staying up till 1:30 am and then heading home into God knows what traffic was just too much to take. I should have kept this weekend open anyway to rest up for Musikfest but that was just a bad scheduling move on my part.

So on other news, I haven't run in a week now. Hope to get to it tonight or tomorrow. Woke up all stuffy again, but a Benedryl took care of that. Now I am just doped up stupid. That stuff knocks me on my butt.

That;s it for today... off to make soap and bath fizzys.