Welcome 2013!

I am FINALLY back in the workshop after a hiatus for some family trips that had me only sleeping in my own bed for 5 days since Christmas! Man, my back is happy to be in my own bed. It is amazing how you don't really think about how much wear and tear that traveling has on the body and the mind. It is time for me to get back to my routines and get back to a plan.

I don't really make resolutions, I set goals.

This year I have quite a few, but for the business it is to lay back a little and do a few less craft shows. We are hoping that we can keep the days to 125 or under. This means some of the biggies will go away, and in it's place will be smaller and warmer shows spread throughout the year rather than just piled up at the Holidays. I am hoping that spreading out some of the days will allow us some more family time, some more rest, and a more even production schedule. I am hoping that the web site will increase with orders and that will take the place of some of the shows that take lots of energy, but produce little revenue.

I hope to continue taking better care of me this year, watching what I eat, getting more exercise, and  plenty of rest. I do wear myself thin. It is hard to turn off work when it is right there in the house with you. The list of things to do is always on my desk and this can be mentally taxing. I am hoping to put in place some new habits that will have me getting out of the house more and giving me ways to burn off some steam in a more productive manner than just venting it verbally. Last year I did pretty good and I even reaped some unexpected benefits (like 18 lbs gone!), so I hope that a continued trend will leave me healthier and happier than ever before.

And finally I hope to take advantage of the above mentioned goals and use the extra time and extra energy to turn to my home and family. They have been super supportive over the past 10 years and sometimes I know I can be very heard to deal with. I hope that organizing the house to run more smoothly, planting a big garden for healthy meals, and having more time for them will be a goal that I can obtain in 2013.

I can't express my gratitude to all of you that let me live my dream to make a product that I am passionate about and to live my life in a manner where I can still have time to help others. Thank you for all of your support during my first 10 years of business and I hope the next 10 are just as rewarding. I love you all!