Its Monday

Ok, so i turned off the auto correct on the ipad because it chooses some weird options. So just be patient...

I woke up sore from walking/running yesterday. Just sore enough to skip today but not sore enough to make me uncomfortable all day. So instead i worked this morning a bit. I ordered some fragrances, added some emails to the newsletter database, and generally streamlined my list of things to do.

The rest of the day was spent with family. C's dad has been ill, so we visited in the hospital. Looks like he will be home soon so tomorrow we are going to start getting the house ready for his return.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the newsletter database and start the newsletter as well as knit some more. I finished two washcloths and a hat so far. I will run again tomorrow at least a little and i want to cook some too.

Time for a snack and some more knitting!


Santa ROCKS!

I was brought some awesome gifts by Santa this year. I got yarn from my dad and a cool bubble maker that glows in the dark. C got me knitting essentials like a knit kit to bring on the plane and three pattern books that I have wanted. I also got a huge pile of Sharpie markers. They are my favorites and I even got some limited edition colors. Now I can go though my old ones and throw out all the ones that are dying. But my cooles presents are completely different, one on the cutting edge of technology and one so old fashioned that they aren't really even made any more.

I got an IPad!!! This means that I am typing this right now on it. It can get my email, get online, act as my new credit card terminal while at craft shows, and generally make my keeping in contact easier and much much lighter to carry around than my old lap top.

I also was given an bobbin lace roller pillow. It was hand made in a town here in Puerto Rico that is famous for it's lace making. They are nit readymade anymore and luckily a friend of C has a family member who lives in the town and could find someone to make me one. The pillow is this emerald green and the instructional book is in Spanish so it will take me a bit to translate. I have found a few videos on the Internet and plan on watching them in conjunction with using a lot of Google translate.

I started the couch to 5k running program again this morning. I really sucked at it. Haven't ran since august so I really lost stamina. I will go out again tomorrow for a walk at the very least. I have also been knitting, two washcloths on the plane yesterday and almost a full hat today. I hope to get some of my completed knit projects up on the web site for sale later this year, I am collecting quite a pile of them and I have given away so much to friends, family, and charity. Maybe someone might be interested in some of my creations? I guess time will tell...

Ok, time to stop playing with my new toy and get some sleep. Lots to do tomorrow, need to exercise, visit family, knit, and start working ion my web site update and ordering supplies.



Starting at 6 pm tonight, I am officially closed for Christmas, New Years and Epiphany. I will reopen January 10th, 2011.

But what does this mean???

I means that on Jan 10th I will post a SALE!!!! Free shipping, new clearance and old clearance at cheaper prices.

It means that the NEW FRAGRANCES FOR 2011 will be posted! 8 new fragrances inspired by you the customer's requests, and a few of my own ideas as well.

It means that the newsletter will be redesigned and themed (this year's theme was charity).

And it means that I will be blogging a lot more. I have to come up with some ideas, and a schedule to try and keep.

Have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and enjoy Epiphany. See you in 2011!!!


Gratitude and Humility

Week three of Chriskindlmarkt and I am full of gratitude and humility. Each year that I have been at the show I have been blessed with increased sales, new friends, and the return of valued repeat customers. I have exceeded my wildest expectations and still have one more weekend to go. The stories I am told about how someone loves my products, how they have changes their lives, how they visit me every year, it makes my heart swell. I cannot thank you all enough for all the encouragement and feedback, ideas and suggestions. My business, my sucess, has been built on all of you and I do not forget that. Every day I get to do what I love, every show, every order, every phone call is a blessing that I am thankful for.


Chriskindlmarkt Week 2 is done!

All I can say is that my heart is filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the sales I made, gratitude for the friends I have made, gratitude for the feedback I recieve, and ideas I am given, and for the enjoyment I get from being at this show,

Sales were brisk with Saturday being my best day ever at the Markt. A few days I ran out of one or more soaps completely. Sachets are selling like crazy and so are lip balms.

I really am still overwhelmed by the the whole experience. I am tired but in a good way and just trying to relax for a day or two before next weekend

Saturday Dad was at the Indiemade market and had a fabulous day and on Sunday he had an awesome few hours at the Folkshul. Although he wasn't feeling great he made it though both days and now he is resting too.