So much has happened...time to catch up

It has been a long month and many, many things have happened since my last post. And most of them have been wonderful.

C and I took a cruise. I got to see beautiful places, experience wonderful weather, catch up on sleep, knit to my hearts content, and rejuvenate. The dark cloud of stress has finally lifted. I really needed a break, a disconnect, to be unplugged from everything for just a few weeks.

I returned and got to spend a few days with a crafter friend of mine. She taught me how golf and how to shoot a gun while I was visiting. Both were mentally exhilarating. It amazed me how much concentration it takes to do either of the two. I hope to be able to golf more this year. Even if it is only going to the driving range. I liked that blank space my brain went to just before I swung the club. As for shooting, I liked it but it wasn't as relaxing as golf.

The first craft show of the year was the Leesport Easter show. It was a cold uncomfortable day and sales were slow. We got to see a few great customers from other festivals, and quite a few people were interested in shows coming up this year, so the day wasn't lost. It was a great way to work out the kinks and get the display down pat. We were supposed to be there Sunday too, but instead we worked on the new garden at home. I figured getting veggies planted was a better use of our time since we have so many craft shows coming up and time will soon be precious, both to garden and grocery shop.

In between I have gone to lots of meetings. Delivering orders and donations, working on wholesale and retail accounts mostly. Just a lot of running around and trying to get caught up before the rush starts in a few weeks.

I also got to participate in a few local Earth Day celebrations, one at Mulhenberg College and one at Lehigh University. Both were fantastic events that really celebrated and educated. I particularly liked the Mulhenberg event. The college is small and very close knit. I hope to be able to go back for more vending opportunities in the fall. The day made me wish I could go back to college and the work that some of the students are doing in ecobiology really inspired me.

So that was the last three weeks and now I will keep up on the blog...see ya next week!


I've Been Hacked!

I woke up this morning to discover one of my email addresses has been hacked. I am very sorry about this and am working hard to stop it and correct the error. I cannot apologize enough.

Please be patient. All the web / email work is done by me and it may take me a few days to straighten all this out.

Until then, go to the form located on the contacts page of the web site and you can safely contact me through that form.

Thanks for understanding!

ETA: I learned I wasn't hacked, my password was never compromised and my mailing lists and contacts were safe. I was "spoofed". This means that someone made it look like spam emails came from my account. They were mostly sent overseas and to no one I know. The only reason I learned this was because hundreds of bounced emails bounced back to me. After making sure my password was safe, I turned off my email for a few days and everything went back to normal.

Sorry it was hard to contact me for a few days, but I appreciate the patience!