September 4-September 10 Week 36

So next week you get to learn about my adventure that kept me from blogging on time this week. Meanwhile, this past week really was one that I had a tough time motivating myself. It’s the end of the summer, those long lazy days are gone and the fury of the holiday shopping season is soon upon us. I start school again in a few more weeks, just three classes to go until graduation. Then I need to get those student loans straightened out. I’m already stressing about next year, about what new shows to apply to, about what I should do with some free time. I feel that I could accomplish so much more than I do, maybe I am holding myself up to a bar that is already too high. I don’t know. But I’ll learn soon enough.

Anyway, enough about this…
Monday…Laundry, researched shows, went to an end of summer picnic dinner at B&M’s
Tuesday…Bills, the air conditioner was fixed, more laundry, dealt with paperwork
Wednesday…my merchant credit card terminal died.. it was fried when my merchant services provider tried to download a new program that updated my address. Whoops…the overnighted me a new unit. This was the best money I ever spent. When I opened my merchant account I bought an ancient unit off of e-bay that I figured would be discontinued, that within a year or two I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore. Well, it lasted my 4 years, and now was just updated with a unit with more memory for free, thanks to my service provider. How cool was that!
Thursday…I made basic soap so when I get back from NY I can make more soap. I sent out a box of goodies for a swap that I am in
Friday… errand day…bank, target, drycleaner, you name it
Saturday…laundry (this stuff never ends), we went to Home Depot and picked out a paint color for the living room finally, and I watched the NASCAR race…. So glad that the #6 made the chase….
Sunday…. Did stuff around the house and then went to Hay Creek- a craft show that B was doing. C stayed with M and B & I went to Atlantic City for the next few nights. By the time we got there Sunday we were tired, so we ate dinner, played some slots, and then went to bed…


August 28-September 3- Week 35

This week was quite eventful for me in a very “home body” sort of way. I made quite a bit of soap during the week- actually getting myself to the point where I need to go and buy more lye. I also started a systematic cleaning of the house. Each day I hit a different room- the living room, the dining room, the bathrooms, and the kitchen all got thoroughly cleaned. I started a schedule of cleaning that will get me through the rest of the year with a pretty clean house and stuff for the business done as well.

Monday: Besides cleaning & making soap I did laundry and bills and paperwork.
Tuesday: Made some phone calls, got out an order, updated the blog, etc.
Wednesday: a day of cleaning & soapmaking….
Thursday: emails & phone calls
Friday: errands, visited my friend A for a few hours, and went furniture shopping in the afternoon- we need a set of drawers for the bedroom.
Saturday: Ikea (for the drawers) and Best Buy (for a TV that they didn’t have) as well as AC Moore (for yarn) and Joanne’s (for an Ott-lite)
Sunday: In the morning I started researching shows for 2007 (yes already) and in the afternoon we played mini golf with B&M and then went to their favorite Italian place for dinner. The gold was pretty cool- it is a new park in Philly where the holes are themed after Philly landmarks- like the liberty bell, and boathouse row…Good fun was had by all. Dinner was great and I had enough left over for at least two more meals. Yahoo!