October 8-14, 2012

Whew, the week just flew by! I just found one of my "to do" lists the other day- things I wanted to accomplish in 2012.. guess what, about half are done, the other half- moved onto the 2013 list! I wonder if my dining room will ever get a new ceiling fan?

Monday and Tuesday we made LOTS of soap. I figured out a schedule of what absolutely needed to be made, and what I would like to have made to be sure I don't run out of anything in December. Then I overlapped these lists based on the fragrances and then scheduled in the fragrances from highest number needed to lowest. Whew! Plus, as the month goes on, we still sell, so this list can flux..things I didn't need a lot of in the beginning of the month, I may need more of after just a few orders. So I don't think of it as a schedule of making soap, just a road map to try and follow the best I can, fitting in special orders along the way.

Speaking of special orders, I cannot believe the overwhelming response to bacon soap! WOW!!! I think quite a few people will be surprised this winter with these gifts.

Wednesday I went to Fellowship Community for the last time this year and participated in their heath fair day. It was my best day there ever and I am so excited to see how many dedicated customers I have acquired over just a few short months.

Thursday I started the day at the Dentist. I had chipped a front tooth a few years ago and it finally needed to be fixed. Luckily it was pretty quick and painless. It even cost less than I expected as it wasn't as bad as they thought! I used the extra cash to treat the household to some goodies from Trader Joe's. Yes, my dentist is down by a Trader Joe's, I hate the thought of anyone else touching my teeth, so I just make the drive. After I returned I dropped off an order to The Knitter's Edge. JoAnne has put together the coolest knit kits-cotton yarn or aloo, a pattern for a washcloth, and a bar of my soap. They were so popular she had to make up more. I am sooooo proud and happy that she chose me to participate in this great idea! After the delivery dad and I went and set up the display for Oktoberfest over at ArtsQuest and had dinner at Looper's. Yum!

Friday We made more soap and I made some bath soaks too. Then I went over to the show. It was freezing cold and I was so happy I had my propane heater with me to take the edge off. Because of the weather sales were slow, but that wasn't unexpected.

Saturday was day 2 of Oktoberfest. It was a really good day for me and I had some great sales and lots of people telling me that they would see me in a few weeks at Chriskindlmarkt. The weather was beautiful and I really just had a fun day.

Sunday Dad went and did Oktoberfest. I was a little disappointed because I expected that the nice weather would bring out more people. But overall I did better than I expected to at the show and I am sure we will be back next year, probably for both weekends. While he was there I went to the Chestnut Hill Home and Garden show. It was super windy and my cheeks still are a little wind burned, but sales were much, much better than I expected them to be from a rain dated show. Overall the combination of the two shows lets me pay the bills a few more weeks, and that is always a blessing!

Oh and Sunday I was next to Geek Boy Press . I have seen him at a few other markets and have some buttons on my knitting bag, but I have been coveting a "are you my mummy" sweatshirt for some time now. I asked for it for Christmas, and Carlos got me one and when we got home, he didn't even make me wait till Christmas to wear it!!! AWESOME!!!

So I hope to see you all soon and thanks for reading!!!


October 1-7, 2012

It is hard to believe that in in about 6 weeks I will be loading into Chriskindlmarkt for the last show of the season. I feel like I have come so far this year but that I also have so much more to do and so much farther to go, I feel like I am packing a whole year's worth of doing into the next three months and that I just don't see how I am going to manage to get it all done!

So here are a few highlights of last week:

Monday and Wednesday we got soap made. Monday was tricky because I made 6 tiny batches, which takes as much work as the big ones really, all that switching of fragrances, and cleaning crock pots. It can get a little confusing trying to get it all done and trying to remember how many of each kind needs to be made. So that was the order for the B&B and for an order of  wedding shower favors. Wednesday was just a simple batch of Black Cherry Oatmeal because I had to leave to help a friend for a few days.

Tuesday dad dealt with the tree in the yard being pruned, so I just worked on lots of paperwork. I got the new shaving brushes photographed and on the web site. They could use spiffier pictures, but for right now i think they are fine.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday I helped B at The Ornamental Lady at the show up at Knoebel's Amusement Park. What a crazy place that is! Over 300 vendors on winding pathways and in pavilions. I totally got lost. I was wondering if it would be a show for me to set up at too, but the density of vendors and people was just overwhelming to me, it found it uncomfortable to walk around. I don't think this will be one I will be trying any time soon.

I have received at least two special orders that I hope to get up on the web site for a fast buy today and get them announced on the newsletter. There is a few more pending after that too:) The special orders are fun, but kinda stress me out a little this time of year because of time constraints. So I have to be on the ball about getting ingredients ordered and things made. I actually need to make a big list of everything today to keep it all straight before I forget something.

Oh, and I think I have a new wholesale account to announce soon. I met with them on Tuesday and they bought some things then and are supposed to have an order to me today or tomorrow. Once it comes through I can announce it and get it up on the web site and blog. But I am super excite because it is a great small business and it is in NJ, so it will really be on a great location for many of my customers who live around there!

Saturday we set up at A Very Merrie Halloween over at the 1803 house, right in my home town. It was a wonderful day with lots of activities for the kids, including a parade! Sales were better than last year, and I think this event will just get better and better each year!

Sunday was supposed to be the Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts event, but it was canceled due to the impending rain and cold. It was rescheduled for it's rain date- October 14. Looking at the 10 day forecast, I am not sure next Sunday will be any better, but let us hope it will be!

That is all for now. I have to get going on the rest of my list to do. It is going to be a busy few weeks. Hope to see you soon!


September 10-30 Where did the time go?

I can't believe I haven't written an update since the 9th. The month has totally flown by in a whirlwind! I am glad I scheduled myself some time to breathe or I would still be holding my breath, the month was just amazing!

September 10 and 11 dad and I made soap, lots of it. Pretty much this is all we will be doing for the next two months- making as much soap as we can and stocking up for the big shows at the end of the year. The 11th we vended at Muhlenberg. It was so great to be back at our second home. The days are always so pleasant and everyone is always so kind and supportive. It is just a great place to be. Dad was at the farm market at Lehigh University on the 13th, and this event has just been rock solid this year. He has been getting great weather, and we have had a steady stream of dedicated customers. It is so far our best year here yet.

Friday the 14th through Monday the 24th I visited my mom. I love to visit my mom. We have so much fun together. This year we did all sorts of stuff, from visiting bird sanctuaries, to sculpture gardens, and historic homes. Only one day was really spent chilling out and only then because it rained. I came back ready to hit the ground running and work hard till the end of the year.

I came back and learned I need a filling. Bummer. I chipped my tooth a gazillion years ago and it is finally getting to the point that it needs to be filled before it gets bad. I hate the whole procedure of having something done to my teeth. I try and be proactive and get them cleaned every 6 months, and until just a few years ago I never had a filling. But I guess age and horrible flossing habits are catching up. So I scheduled that for a few weeks from now. Ugh!

Dad had a great day at the last Bath Farmer's Market for the season. It is always hard for him to say goodbye to everyone. But it was an awesome year and he can't wait to be back next year!

This past weekend was the New Hope Arts & Crafts Festival. It was the third location in the last three years for the event. I loved it! The set up and dismantle was super easy, I had my best show there so far, and the volunteers were both plentiful and helpful. It was a super event and I can't wait to be back next year! I know not everyone did great, but I really liked my location of the booth as well as the new location for the show. People could park nearby, or take a shuttle from the downtown. I thought the aisles were wide, it was easy to move around, plenty of space and a great flow of people all day long. it was great to be on the pavement when it rained, I didn't have to worry about being all muddy either.

In other news I have picked up making soaps for the Maid's Quarter's Bed & Breakfast, and yet another wedding shower to make favors for. YAY! I also have a meeting about wholesale tomorrow at a place in NJ, that will be a first for me, and I have new shaving brushes to get up on the web site. These are special because the handles are turned by a local wood turner and I am super excited to have them!

So keep your eye on the web site for some new additions, and hope to see you soon!