Week 15 Accomplishments

Monday: dropped off stock to the Bucks County Designer House. I got there early (have to drop off at a certain time) so I had a chance to grab some breakfast and check out a Wild Birds Unlimited store. I can't wait to get my back yard…

Speaking of backyards.. I think I may have fiddlehead ferns in mine. I'll have to see if I can ask the old owners if they are indeed Ostrich ferns. If so, looks like I'll have some good spring side dishes. I think C thinks I'm weird to be eating the landscaping, but they are so yummy!

Tuesday: I packed, and cleaned, and packed some more..

Wednesday: Another headache. I need to make an eye doctor appointment once we get into the new house. Its been over a year since my last prescription. Maybe that's my problem.. or maybe the pollen.. who knows….

Thursday: Packed, cleaned, packed, and T price labeled the inventory for the show at Mainline. Now I just have to hide the boxes, so the movers don't move them.. Would hate to misplace them now…

Friday: Homework day. Three weeks left.. two classes, lots of work.. I'm trying to do all I can this weekend to get it off of my mind during the move. Also will be without Internet for a few days, so I have to get some work in early.
That’s it for this week!

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

Well, with the 90% chance of rain and possible thunderstorms predicted for tomorrow, we won't be at the Bloomsburg Renaissance Jamboree. The high humidity is attracted to the glycerin in the soaps and they get slippery. This means I have to dry them out after wet shows, and with the move, there just isn't time, or room, to do that. This usually produces lower sales, because who wants to buy slickery soap, so add that with a hotel bill for the night and .. well… its probably better to just stay home. I should also mention that I dropped a table leg on my foot the other day (screw side down) and I'm still limping. If I knew for sure it was going to be a profitable day, I'd play through the pain, but to sit in the rain in pain (in Spain??), not this chickie-poo.

This is a big bummer because this is one of my favorite shows of the year. When it's not raining, the crowds are great, we get to see many of our friends for the first time in months, and the food is pretty good too.

I think we'll get to drop of stuff off at the new house tomorrow and finish packing. So this rain does have an up side. The first things to be delivered!!! Tuesday the movers come for all the big stuff. Man is my foot glad we hired movers!


Week 14 Accomplishments

This week I got tons of soap made (well at least enough to get me though May, I hope). I made Lavender, Rejuvenation, Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Wisdom, and Peppermint Foot Scrub. I only have enough ingredients to make one more batch, which I'll do today, and then I can pack the rest of my supplies for the move.

I also packed about 80% of my supplies, most of my clothes, and a good portion of the kitchen as well. Both C and I had trouble getting motivated this weekend to pack, so it looks like I'll be doing a lot this week. That is fine though because we've had a small change in plans, looks like 4.21 will be spent labeling for shows and stores, and 4.28 will be spent moving from storage. Originally the plan was the other way around, but the house isn't quite done yet. There are a few little things that need to be done- the cable needs to be installed in a few rooms; a few outlets need to be changed to grounded plugs, stuff like that. So we'll start moving stuff on Sunday 4.24 for sure (or I sure hope!).

I got one show ready- Bucks County Designer House- and I drop that off today. If you are into design and history it’s a great place to go see. Every year the historical society picks one house and designers spiffy the place up. Outside in a barn or garage usually, they have a small craft area as well. All the proceeds go to the historical society so they can save and preserve more historic houses in the area. It's what I call a "feel good" show- no mater how much you sell, it feels good to be a part of it because the money is going for something good for the community.

I also delivered a basket to the Mainline Arts Center. Prior to their Spring Craft Show they are doing a silent auction. Participants in the show donate objects that are auctioned off. The proceeds go to their outreach programming. The objects go on display today (4/18) and will be available to bid on until May 8th at 3:00 pm. They are usually located in the lobby, so it is easy to run in, look, bid, and go. Go run on over, get some great fine crafts at a good price, and give to a good cause.


Thump, Thump, Thump

In case you wern't sure, thats the sound of my head banging against the wall...

4.17 Get keys to house
(4.18-4.21 C gone on business)
4.18 Designer House drop off
4.21 Label inventory for Mainline & new store in NY
4.23 Bloomsburg Show
4.26 Garbage pick up starts
Movers come to move furniture & boxes
4.27 Internet, Telephone, and Cable Connected (I hope!)
4.28 Move inventory to the new house
4.29 Mainline- set up
4.30 Strawberry Festival
5.1 Strawberry Festival
(5.1-5.6 C gone on business)
5.2 Mainline- artist check in
5.3 Mainline- set up and opening reception
5.6 Travel to NY, set up Tulip Festival (pick C up at airport in Albany??)
5.7 Tulip Festival
5.8 Tulip Festival
5.9 Drop off inventory at store, Travel to PA, pick up at Mainline
5.10 (My Birthday)


Week 13 Accomplishments

This week has been fun, but not very soapy.

We started the week going to Atlantic City for the night. Somehow we had gotten an offer for a free room at the Borgata, and since they usually run a couple of hundred a night, we decided to graciously take them up on their offer. We had a wonderful dinner at their steakhouse, but we both decided we still like Morton's the best of we're going to shell out that kind of dough on dinner. We lost some cash (as was expected) but had fun doing it (I love those nickel slots) and then came home refreshed and rested. Its funny, I lived in Vegas and never really played in the Casino's and didn't really like being in them, but I enjoy Atlantic City immensely. I think its because the first time we went we went with a few good friends of ours and their family, so it just feels relaxed and laid back, much less intense than Vegas.

Tuesday I sent out show applications and mailed out some orders. I'm really excited about orders this year. Even with the Jan-April being my typically slow season (ok, almost non existent season) I'm averaging about 3 orders a week on top of my sales at stores and shows. That’s a really good sign for the rest of the year. I wonder if this economy thing is starting to really turn around.

Wednesday I was down and out with a headache- ok I'll come clean- a migraine. Saw pretty colors and was hiding in a dark room and everything. Still had a shadow of it on Thursday and just spent the day doing homework. This session's class is Consumer Behavior- pretty interesting so far…

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we packed. We got the living room and dining room completely packed, some stuff in the Kitchen done, as well as the curtains down, and most of the closets done, including some clothes. All in all it's been really productive in that sense. I also got some pricing done for a potential private label account, my taxes are complete (ahhh self-employment tax is the worst!), and made a comprehensive list of everything I need to do next week.
Next week I need to pack the soaping supplies that I won't need during the next three weeks, and get ready for some shows. I have two boutiques I need to label inventory for, one store to stock, and a couple of orders to get out. I also have to make a ton of soap because I'm running out of inventory of all the good stuff. Add the usual- and I have some pretty busy weeks coming up. Wish me luck!


Week 12 Accomplishments

This past week things were pretty crazy and not a lot of soaping was done. I finished a gift basket that was donated to Brown School, where my young cousin attends elementary school. Each year they have a Gala Event with a silent auction to benefit the school. If you are interested in learning more about them you can visit http://www.brownschool.org.

I also made a small basket for a local Race for the Cure team. They have a yearly Basket Bingo fundraiser, and I donate a gift basket that they use as a door prize. Unfortunately I didn't win any baskets this year, but I had fun trying! To find out how you can be a part of this event please visit http://www.nationalraceforthecure.org.

The big thing this week was a wholesale show called Rustic Nature Buyer Days. It’s a two day event and I can say that although I didn't find it well attended overall, I did come out with a few good orders from businesses located in the Adirondacks, and a few good leads for businesses looking for some private label products. You never know?!?

While I was there I got in contact with a shop owner who is opening a store up in Vails Mills, NY. We worked out a consignment agreement, so I'll have one more place selling my products come mid May. I'm really excited about this because I also participate in a craft show that they run so I hope to be able to generate recurring sales from that event.

That's all for this week!