Visit to mom, New Hope Arts & Crafts Fest, and a headache, not at the same time

Last week I went and visited my mom. While I was there dad did the craft show at Linvilla Orchards. It wasn't a great show, but it got us invited to two more shows so that isn't too bad! He said he had a pleasant time and load in/out wasn't too bad. It would have been great if this was a one day show, but the drive down and back twice was a lot to deal with.

Mom and I went to the Farmer's Museum in Cooperstown, a Butterfly conservatory, Vermont, and a bunch of places just around town while I was there. She started knitting her first pair of socks and finished them yesterday. She is already looking for her next pattern- I think I have created a monster!

I came back and did the New Hope Arts & Crafts show. A wonderful show. Sales were very good given it was my first year there. It usually takes a few years to create a base/following and I was very happy with my sales. There was even another soapmaker there so I did have come competition and heard a few times that people already bought from them so they would try me online. Load out wasn't that bad but it took 3 people to make it go easy. Dad went for the car while C & I loaded. Out on less than 30 minutes!

Monday I awoke to a migraine. Often I think of them just as a bad headache. Enough Migraleve and them become manageable and I can function. Yesterday was not one of those days. So I watched lots of TV in the dark and knitted my simple stocking in the round because I barely had to look down to do it. I had to stop when I got to the heel because it took too much brain power to deal with. Still a little bit today. Hope to get some soap made before back to bed for me.


I am sick of it!

1) I WANT TO RUN AGAIN! But I can't breathe right and I need to let my allergies calm down before I really get running again. I hope that the fall weather brings me some relief.

2) What is up with the Piazza at Schmidt's?? They started out with weekends at $100, then dropped to $75 and now they are free. That doesn't give me the warm fuzzies about the quality of the event or the vendors there, but what is worse is that I signed up when it was $100 and have had to fight tooth and nail for my refunds. There has been some personnel changes, but it is time for me to call my credit card and complain. Personally right now I wouldn't touch this place with a 10 foot pole and don't plan on trying the events in 2010 now. Will have to see if they get their ducks in a row in 2011.

3) Tired of making fizzies. Only about 500 more to go and then I am done. But they are so boring to make and wrap.

4) Stupid people... please...before you complain, check your emails to/from me, your receipt, and count the products in your box. Not only do you not need a refund, I sent you a bunch of free stuff on top of your order. Also, if you are a promoter and I email you about getting on a mailing list, please do not respond asking me what kind of craft do I do- I have included my web page in the email- click the link, please.

OK, that is it, I have vented for the day/week/month. Return to your usual happiness, I am gong to :)


No Shows does not equal Days Off!

So the Labor Day weekend left me with three days without shows.. but lets back up a bit...

Monday I had my cavity filled. My whole left side of my face went numb- including my eyeball. My eye wouldn't focus and I couldn't tell if I was blinking or not. Probably the oddest sensation of my life. The afternoon was spent with B watching the first disk of Dexter Season 4 and getting some lunch at 5 Guys.

Tuesday is when the pain set in. Not from the tooth but from the needle for numbing agent. I got up, made soap, took two Tylenol with Codine and slept for another 4 hours. Then I ate some soft lunch, put an ice pack on my cheek, and proceeded to nod in and out of sleep for another two hours. Then it was some dinner, some TV, and back to bed. Wasted day for sure...

Wednesday dad did the PPL Farm market and did well again. Such and odd show, you just can't predict how it is going to go. I got caught up on paperwork and made lip balms and lotion bars.

Thursday was errand day, and lunch with B. Dad did the Bethlehem Farm Market and once again, did well. I think this one is building for us and I am happy to see that.

Friday dad was at Bath, awesome as usual and brought home great corn and squash. C made it home that night and the weekend officially begun.

Saturday started with a quick trip to the grocery store so I can cook all week. I miss cooking and dad and I eat at such different times I won't cook for the two of us very often. So when C is home is when I really get to prepare meals. So I planned on a week's worth because he will actually be home for a bit!

Sunday was spent largely at the computer just getting things done. I have a few spreadsheets that needed to be updated, and a bunch of supplies / displays that needed to be ordered.

Monday C cleaned my displays and we did laundry. We also ordered the last of the things we need to finish the bathroom remodel.

So even though I had no show, plenty of things in the shop were done, soap was cut and racked, lip balms were made, and paperwork was completed. At home I gardened, cleaned, ran errands, and cooked. Busy bees we all are for sure!