Knight in Shining Armor

Iron Oak Creations came to my rescue after my last post. After getting them all the parts and pieces, today I am getting back four beautiful and functional displays. I will never go anywhere else ever again.

What amazes me is that I didn't even think about Don as I primarily think if him as a blacksmith artist. I have known his family for years and his daughter Sarah even helps me at Kutztown, you may have even met her.

It was just one of those time when I am so busy that I wasn't thinking clearly. I was just trying to get something completed quickly. By the way, the other guy has disappeared off the face of the planet. Won't return any emails, won't reply to my feedback on Etsy. Just a terrible way to treat a customer.

So if you are looking for some awesome wood or iron work (or a combo of the two) check out Iron Oak Creations!!