Chriskindlemarkt Week 1 is Done!

It was my best first weekend ever! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I sold lots of soap which is expected, but man those lip balms kept flying off the table, and lotion bars galore. Even gift baskets were a hit and shaving mugs- well 6 of them found new homes!

I am exhausted from the hard work, but I am also invigorated to get things done and ready for next weekend. The soapy love was overwhelming! The number of you who come in and share how much you love my products really means the world to me. It sounds corny, but your appreciation is better than the payday to me. The money comes and goes and pays the bills, but your comments and encouragement is what stays with me when I am tired and blue.

Next year they are extending the Markt to 5 weekends!!! I am really excited about the move (and not just because we will have access to real potties!) and the changes. I really think it will make Chriskindlmarkt better than ever and I am proud to be able to take part in it and I am blessed it is in my back yard so to speak.

Once again, Thank you to my customers for everything! I gotta go make some lip balms :) See ya!


Chriskindlmarkt Day 1

It is the first day of 15 days. I am seriously in love with my display this year. I have used the space much more efficiently I think and there are more soaps out so I shouldn't have to pack inventory as often, and it is easier to get to when I do need to deal with it.

We got a new carpet for the booth and I think it is awesome. It is a dark teal and brown, dark enough the at the mud and dirt shouldn't show too fast and colorful enough that it actually adds something to the booth rather than just being a drab carpet.

I have lots of gift baskets available, great bath salts, tons of fizzys, and of course, all the soap.

I am suer excited and hope to see everyone soon!


Whew, what a week!

Everything was going on this past week. I was super tummy sick starting on Tuesday and it would last the whole week. C came home on Wednesday and he gets to be home till after Thanksgiving (YAY!!!), Dad had three craft shows to do, the new shaving mugs arrived and needed to be filled...

OK, lets start this again: tummy sick: Monday night I woke up with the most horrible heart burn and couldn't get back to sleep. The rest of the week was a constant pain and bloating, just enough to make me uncomfortable, but not enough to lay me out flat. No fever, no sore throat, nothing else, so I did my best to work through it all and get orders out.

Dad filled the shaving mugs when they arrived. There are two new colors: red and variegated black. The variegated black is cool because it had hints of blue and even purple in it depending on the mug. There is a possibility in the future we may be changing brushes too, found a nicer one for the same price, just need to test it out and make sure it doesn't fall apart, so maybe 2011.

C came home and just in time since there are tons of things to do before the holiday. Sometimes I don't realize how much I miss him until he is home. I just fill the time with work and things to keep my mind off of his absence. It even takes a day for me to get used to him being back. It was really Friday before I settled back into routine and right now I am just enjoying hearing him sleep in the next room. It is a comforting sound and feeling.

Dad had three craft shows, all of which went as well as hoped and sometimes better. One was Tuesday in the afternoon, one was Friday night, and one Sunday afternoon. All of them were pleasant and festive.

Well that is about it for this past week. This week I have a show tonight, a yarn sale to get to, and Chriskindlmarkt to set up for and do. So there is plenty to pack, orders to mail, baskets to make, and errands to run. Hey at least I have the turkey and all the groceries for the sides. I hope to enjoy Thursday cooking and eating and relaxing as much as possible, and I hope you all do the same!


Rollercoaster Weekend

It was a roller coaster of a weekend. First we started out at the Craft Show to benefit the North Wales Library. I loved that I got to see some friendly faces, always a bonus! And our neighbors across the way were just fabulous people, so warm and passionate about their craft! The show started out slow but ended up being all that we were hoping for. It wasn't some kind of magical day, but it was a nice, solid show, that was easy to get in and out of, and was filled with kind people.

The next day Dad did a show at the Astor Community Center and didn't even make the table fee. He kept getting comments on how expensive everything was, and no one even stopping to smell. The place started emptying out a few hours early (we were not the only ones not selling) and Dad stayed till almost the end, just hoping for that one good sale that never came. It was a long drive down (about an hour) and a long drive back. It always amazes me how we can be welcomed with such open arms one day and shunned the next.

Four more shows and then Chriskindlmarkt... Busy busy busy....

See you soon!!!


Peddler's Village Apple Festival

It was Brrrrrrr Cooooooold this year, especially compared to last year's beautiful weather. But I try to see the bright side- any time it isn't raining or snowing in November is a good weekend for me.

Dad and I went out on Friday to set up in the afternoon warmth rather than in the Saturday Morning frost. It was the best decision I had made all year. Even though It cost me some extra gas and some extra time, Saturday was so much more pleasurable to have the tent up and the displays out and most of the inventory ready, rather than doing it all in the cold, dark, morning.

Overall sales were down from last year, but it wasn't the worst weekend I had seen there. I really like the layout, it is easy to set up and tear down and it is a pleasant show and I usually make about the same sales each year.

But I am very happy it is my last outdoor show for the year and I am ready for the big end of year push- six more weeks to go!


Three more weeks....

Three more weeks till my biggest show of the year. 8 more days of shows between now and then. Still looking for two more shows between now and Christmas for Dad to do. Lots to do. I need to clean up my display once I am done with this weeks show, I need to make lots of gift baskets. I need to buy some display pieces and get them painted. I need to get new shaving mugs ready. I need to make soap and lip balms so I have inventory, and probably lotion bars too. Oh and I have 50 or so washcloths to knit.

OK, but the good news is that: most of my inventory is ready, I have a short list of soaps and lip balms to make, my last outdoor show for the year is this week (no more tent to carry around), only one special order to do, I found a treasure trove of baskets (on sale) at a local store and bought them all, Dad is only a few days away from having all the sachets labeled, I have my table layout all figured out, and the overwhelming stress I usually feel right now is non-existent.

Today I make my plan for the next three weeks and follow it as best as I can. Trying to balance work and home, life with my to-do list, and getting copious amounts of sleep as well. Wish me luck!