NJ Festival of Ballooning

OMG... unless you LUV balloons stay far, far, away from this festival.

I walked around as a visitor and only saw lots of promotional giveaways, some carnival rides, mostly average music (except the headliners / big names), and no shade anywhere!! Now, I am not that into balloons and from my booth I couldn't see anything. So there is a chance that there was some stuff going on that I couldn't witness. But from what I did see this is not a place I would spend $25 to get into and not a place I would send my friends or family for a fun day out. But that is just my personal .02.

As a vendor I was blessed that I made it away with my booth fee and a little bit more. I was lucky that I got fed up and left early, just to miss the afternoon thunderstorm that came through the region. I was also lucky that I was next to an awesome neighbor who did great airbrushed tee shirts and brought in a crowd of her own. I was especially lucky to be placed in a location that allowed me to leave early, gave me a good breeze, some shade, and an end location so I only had one neighbor, not two.

The hours are brutal, the crowds are not as large as the the promoter claims them to be (and if they are, they didn't walk by me!), the tents provided were a logistical mess (mine wouldn't close properly, had holes in the sides, and had an awful red and white striped top that makes all the colors inside wonky). There were three soap makers there, one just one booth away, and when we talked we were all approached by the promoter to take part- so they knew they were triple booking one kind of craft. The fine jeweler left after the first day (poor people came all the way from Virginia for this mess), the other left Saturday afternoon. The "craft tents" are mixed in with buy-sell people, free giveaways, and fund-raising booths. So there is no real "craft area" and people actually avoided some tents because of the pushy fundraisers/ giveaways!

And I don't even want to go into the load out experience. Lets put it this way- as cars are allowed on and off property to "deliver" to the corporate promotional booths, we were not allowed to drive on and pack up. If you got there before security you could park behind your booth and no one would say to move the vehicle, and one vendor sat in his truck all day (running) for the air conditioning, but no one said anything as his exhaust seeped through the air!

Every year I have one bust show, and I hope this is the bust for this year.


WXPN Festival, Days 2 & 3

OK, so the show overall was OK. Sales were down from last year and I will have to take a really hard look at doing the show next year. It was good enough to give it one more try but it wasn't good enough to get a hotel next year so that makes the show all the more grueling.

I hated being behind the stage. It was cool because people saw me and smelled me and told me that they could smell the soaps from the seating area. I also sold to a few of the artisits who were performing. But it was loud and hard to talk to the customers.

I learned this show that angry music makes me angry. When I was setting up I could hear the Warped tour and it was loud and angry and at the tear down the music was probably the loudest and angriest of the festival. I was miserable for both set up and tear down.


WXPN Festival Day 1

Always a challenge...

We got up Friday morning after a good nights sleep and went to the grocery store to get snacks and lunches/dinners for the next few days. I have to start to write a list of things to get because we just pile things into the cart all willie nille and then end up spending a fortune on food.

Then we went to set up. First there was a huge fire truck in the way and we had to figure out how to get around it to get to where we needed to be. Once we got in we learned our space had been moved, to right behind the one stage. Will this be good or bad? Only timw will tell.

Set up was a little challenging, it always is but this time we had new weights to contend with and that took a while to get all settled. We still did well with about 2hours total for set up.

We took the chance and left to go back to the hotel for a few hours. There was another music concert (the Warped Tour) going on next door and there so parking was a nightmare and so was driving in and out.

We had lunch, cleaned ourselves up and rested a bit before heading back. It was much easier to get there this time but parking was still a nightmare. Hopefully that is much better today.

The show was kinda slow. I think it was a combination of a few things... first it was the first day so anyone who is there for all three days usually buys on the last day, second, it was hot, and third, the other concert made the parking a nightmare so I think the crowd overall was lighter than last year.

I think the booth location is a good one. I think we get more traffic and more eyes on us. It is loud at times, but today will be the true test of how it works out.


Couch to 5K Week 3 Day 1 again....

So I have been slack. Last Monday and Wednesday I din't run because of the air quality alerts. Friday I was recovering from a migraine and thought if I ran i would puke. This Monday I was just lazy and Wednesday it rained all day.

So today I got to the hotel I am staying at for the WXPN festival and I went to the gym. And I ran...

Warm up- 5 minutes
First run 90 seconds & first 90 second walk- done
3 minute run and 3 minute walk- done!!

You do realize this means I RAN 3 minutes in a row without someone chasing me with a gun, right???

The second 3 minute run I manages to finish all but a minute of, then I had to give in to my pounding chest and walked the rest and the 5 minute cool down.

I know it was inside, I know it was on a treadmill, I know it was without an incline.. but people... I RAN 3 Minutes!!! The whole thing was about a mile and a half. I am sweating like a pig, I am thristy as all hell, and I feel great!!

Off to the shower!!!


This past week in review

Wednesday was our best week in sales at the Plaza Growers Market so far. So good in fact that the sales for the week were better than all the other weeks combined..and it was 100 degrees out...go figure!

Thursday was a very good day in Bethlehem. I missed it due to a migraine.

Friday in Bath was terrific too. I love seeing people week after week and I love this market. Great food, great prices, great vibe. Even with a little rain it was just awesome as usual.

Saturday I was at Simon Pearce. It rained hard on the way down and most of the day. An OK turn out for four hours. Hope to schedule some days in the fall. I think it will be great as it gets closer to the holidays.

Market at the Piazza. There is rain and then there is RAIN. It was raining hard for what would have been set up and the first few hours of the show. Driving rain that makes a day with soaps that shouldn't get wet just unbearable. Executive decision was made... not to go to the show...too bad, it seemed interesting...and was a free weekend to celebrate the grand opening... will try again in a few months.

Sunday I cooked lots since I had a fridge full of veggies and a ton from the garden. Dad replanted lots of the plants, C and I went to Target to get necessities. A good mellow day enjoying the World Cup final and lots of good fresh food.



Take a cool shower or bath to help cool down. Using products that contain mint (like Rejuvenation) will make you feel cooler because of the natural menthol present in the essential oils. Bust mostly try and stay relaxed, stay cool, and drink plenty of water. Remember your furry friends and put out an endless supply of water for your pets, and even the wild birds would enjoy a cooling bird bath!

I have been working in the shop, and on the computer updating the web site, blog, and newsletter. Luckily the air conditioning is on and I have been comfortable. Today dad went and did the farmer's market by himself, and we will go out later to pick up some supplies.

I have not been running- we have had air quality alerts every day and I can feel my chest tighten just as I go out to get the mail. Better safe than sorry. So even if the heat doesn't bother you, take this time to check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and ill. Get to know them by bringing over some iced tea or lemonade- it is a nice gesture without seeming too intrusive.

But it will be a while before this heat really lets up, so take care of yourselves!


Last week was a good week

Last week was a good week. Our best sales yet at all three farmer's markets combined with a 4th of July Celebration in Pottstown meant that we were busy little beavers.

The show in Pottstown isn't one that we will be back to next year. The crowd during the day didn't buy at all- and 1/2 of the shows profits were in the last hour and from only two sales.

C got home on Saturday so the family had two days to spend together and get caught up on things around the house. Sunday was spent cooking and eating, a great grilled meal, and Monday was more cooking and stocking the freezer with food.

We also held down and shaved the cats belly. She has long hair and is getting old, so it gets matted down more than I would like it too. I wish she liked being brushed, but she doesn't. So now she looks funny and is not a happy camper.

I started a new knitting project- finally gave up on on and ripped it out and started with the same yarn on something else. Some projects are just not meant to be. I think I will try the pattern again someday, in the winter, when I have time to concentrate a little more.

It has been crazy hot here and we have had some air quality alerts. So I haven't been running. Breathing already feels difficult so no need to make it harder by adding exercise. But I have been doing some gardening each morning while it it still cool out. I got the landscaping all weeded and the vegetables are all staked up and watered. Even harvested some more cucumbers.

Well I must be off. Got a dentist appointment this morning. Time to get my teeth cleaned :(