How Many Different Ways Can I Reach You?

It is tough having a business that moves every week and it is hard to make sure that everyone who wants to know where I am can do so. I make sure my schedule is posted three months at at time so in March I begin to list March, April & May, in April I post April, May & June and on and on. That way shows get three months of time to be seen and planned for. I don't post my whole schedule because I actually think that a whole season is overwhelming to look at.

So where do I post this information?

Here on the blog. Over to the left hand side of the page you can see my schedule.

On the web site: There is a whole page dedicated to the event schedule.

On my Facebook Page: There is a section for my schedule, plus I post information about shows as I see it in feeds, and often as I am at the shows too.

Twitter: It gets fed all my Faceboook Posts, so everything is seen here too.

On the guild site: The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Makers Guild has a place where you can find me and look up my schedule.

On my newsletter: Same as everywhere else I post three months at a time, based on the month the newsletter is for.

On my phone: As each week starts my outgoing phone message lists where I will be for that week.

Postcards: If you are on my snail-mail mailing list I send a post card with my show schedule every three months.

Oh, and I answer emails, so if at any time you ask me where I am going to be, I am happy to tell you.

So my question is: Where do you find out where to find me? What is the best way to give you this information? Am I doing enough?


I could have just eaten the oranges...

Many of you know that I live gluten free. One of the only things I really miss is Angel Food Cake. I am not a baker, I thought it was hard to make, and I never even tried making a gluten free version.

Tuesday I was in Echo Hill Country Store picking up the frozen organic banana slices I like to use in my morning smoothie, and I saw a mix for gluten free angel food cake. I put that right in my buggy and headed to the checkout.

When I got home I looked on the box for ingredients...12 egg whites!! 12!! Now I happen to have a few dozen eggs in my house because I have been getting them with my weekly Butter Valley Harvest CSA share. (I learned we don't eat many eggs around here, so even though I share with a friend, I had amassed 2 1/2 dozen eggs over the last 7 weeks). I was happy to fins a use for so many eggs. But what to do with all those egg yolks??

I did some research and found this great web site from The Kitchn (they even list the recipes by how many yolks you will need!) I decided on the Bitter Orange Creme Brulee. But now I needed oranges for their zest. Off to the grocery I go..

If you have been thinking the way I do...now what will I do with those two zestless oranges? I have Rhubarb, how about orange-rhubarb jam. Ok...off to Google that (while in the grocery store and trying to steer my cart straight). I pick up jars and liquid pectin and I am good to go.

I get home and explain to hubby this whole line of thinking. His response: "You could have just eaten the oranges". Yes, but that would have taken the fun out of figuring out how to use all of everything!

I do this all the time, it can drive my city slicker hubby to the edge of crazy. But I really do try and live a "waste not, want not" lifestyle in every way I can. Sometimes I just go a touch too far. I could have just stopped and eaten the oranges :)