Apartment in Pittsburg

I have a friend moving in January to Pittsburgh for school. She needs a place to live, at least for one semester (until summer break)...

Anyone who may know someone who is looking for a roommate, please let me know...

Feeling Pretty Good

I got a lot done last week.. nothing on the web site... which so needs to be fixed and updated.. but I got lots of other things done.

I made three kinds of soap after figuring out what I need and how much I need to make to get me through the end of the year. I also made some shampoo bars and I made sachets, lip balms, and bath salts. I am feeling caught up in most things, really just a bunch of soap and bath fizzys to make, all the stuff that takes the most time.

C has been home so we have been able to have normal dinners and do fun things like clean the attic, but I like the feeling of being normal, even if it is only for a week.

Dad has been helping me with lots of labeling. I have lots to label since I am making so much stuff. And it is very time consuming, so having him here to help is great.

So I have just had my head down, nose to the grindstone, working working working. My big breaks are the chance to watch Project Runway, oh, aren't I living an exciting life??

B and I have been meeting every week to track our goals. I really have been getting a lot done, more than normal. I like this push right before the holidays. Maybe we will try this again next year.

OK, got to keep this short... have lots of stuff to do!!


Busy, Busy Week

I am always amazed how I can be busy for hours and hours and then still feel unaccomplished at the end of the day. I friend told me the other day she was amazed I could keep a business going, have C halfway around the world, and my dad home all at the same time. I am amazed by the things that are a time suck- you expect it to take 15 minutes and an hour or more later you are still working on the same thing.

What I did get done was some shampoo bars were made, and I poured lots of lotion bars. I also filled lots of sachets (like 200+) and dad helped me get those labeled.

I took Monday off due to the sniffles, Tuesday I had a 1/2 day with B, Wednesday and Thursday I worked, Friday I had to pick C up from the airport and we stopped at IKEA and a gluten free bakery and an Asian market on the way back. Saturday I worked on sachets and Sunday I rested.

What a week, gone in a flash. Now I am trying to catch up on stuff and get things done. I figured out how to make shaving bars smaller so they fit into antique mugs, and I ordered more lotion bar containers and more sachet bags.

And the thought of the Holidays coming is too much. Having to clean the house for Thanksgiving and put out Christmas decorations, plus need to buy gifts. UGH!!


National Apple Harvest Festival- Weekend 2

OK, it is a sure thing that this show will not be on my list of shows to do next year.

1) Sales were down by 50%.

2) Wednesday there were high winds and B had booth trouble so I drove back with her to take care of the mess. The drive was too long, I mean to deal with a booth that is is who knows what shape and have over two hours to stew and worry about it is just too much to handle. My booth was fine but I am still glad I had the opportunity to check. Some people were not called and showed up on Saturday to find the destruction.

3) During the booth trouble I saw no security. They were supposed to be there but no one checked us in or checked on our identities. We easily could have driven in, taken a whole booth and stuff that was not ours and driven out with not a word from anyone. In fact there seems to have been some looting going on while the winds were high and the booths were open due to damage. There were things missing- things too heavy to blow away.

4) It was a whopping 37 degrees Sunday morning. Too cold for this soul to handle. I ended up taking Monday off just to get over the soreness and sniffles I had acquired. A day of making inventory lost :(

5) I walked around and most of what I saw was just not good. Lots of resale, lots of country, primitive, and other designs that I don't really fit into. My booth is more clean and spa like, so I didn't fit in with the decor.

6) And rude... thanks to all who spit while in my booth. Glad you chew tobacco, or sunflower seeds, or whatever, but the spitting while in the booth (even the girls spit!) really turned my stomach.


National Apple Harvest Festival- Weekend 1

Well I hate to say it, but unless next weekend is wonderful, I probably won't be back next year. There are actually quite a few reasons for this beyond the fact that sales are down considerably from last year.

1) I hate the drive there. It is only supposed to be 2 hours, but when you are driving home Sunday after a 10 hour day in the dark, well, let's just say that I am lucky I didn't fall to sleep at the wheel.

2) I hate the fact that it opens at 8 am. I am an early riser, but waking up to an alarm at a set time is a whole different thing. Then sitting outside when it is 40 degrees and having to be nice to customers is a bit of a stretch.

3) Downright rude customers. Not everyone is rude, but there are enough crappy comments to really bring a girl down... (Thanks again to the customer who admitted to my face that she was trying to pull apart a face scrubber till it broke.)

4) Vendor placement.. Really folks, putting the other soapmaker 1 booth away is a good choice on the promoter's part- I think not... Not good for the vendors not good for the customers and shows overall lack of planning/caring by the people who run the show.

5) Lack of good food- everything good is a hike and has huge long lines. When you are there alone this is a big problem...

6)The two weekend commitment.. too much and too many other good shows going on the same weekends that I want to try out.

7)The hotel stay. This year C used points so I didn't have to pay for the hotel, but having the lady be pissy because I was taking a yogurt before 6:30 am was a bit much. And the pillows are terrible (too soft) and the 40 minute drive is still far in the early mornings...