September 3-9 + Veg Fest:)

So I started out the week dislocating the first knuckle on my right pinkie. I was trying to get over one of the baby gates we use to keep the kitten out of harms way and rather than unlocking and moving it I decided to try and straddle it with things in both hands, and I fell. I smacked my hand on the way down, twisted my ankle and landed on my hip. I was lucky the pinkie got the worst of it. I actually thought it might be broken, but it still bent, but crunched a little, so I massaged it around some and it stopped crunching, so I guess it all went back into place. It's been a week and there is no bruise at all, it still bends, but it still hurts when I try to do any real work (like lifting heavy objects or pulling things). But I can knit and that is my sign of whether or not I need a doctor, if I can knit it is fine.

I ended the week with pulling out my back. I am still thinking it may actually be my sciatic. It is very low, one side, and kind of radiates into my hip (not the one I fell on) and back of thigh. Yesterday I could barely walk or sit, or transition between the two. Today I can walk, sitting is mildly uncomfortable depending on the position, and transitioning is OK, I can get up and down by myself. I spent yesterday on the sofa all propped up with a heating pad, Aleve, a shawl, and Netflix. I guess if I am going to be immobile for a while, it was as good as it could get.

In between the week was very busy. C had the week off from work so lots of "home" things got done. We started to Fall clean the house and the bathrooms and bedroom got a wall to wall cleaning. C did most of the work since I was pretty incapacitated on Monday due to my fall.

Dad and I did make soap Monday and Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday I worked on finishing up soap for a wedding I have to do, just a little bit left, hope to have them done today. Also finished up making and wrapping a few hundred air fresheners, fizzys, and lotion bars this week as well.

Saturday was veg Fest. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised about how well this show went. 

First I didn't like the fact there were so many soapmakers and other cosmetic types there, I counted 5 on the map, and we were each only one or two booths away from each other. If this was not a local show, I probably would not have shown up just based on that fact alone. I didn't like being out of the rest of the handcrafts. It makes it hard for people to understand that I make my stuff when I am next to a quack exercise machine and across from RCN. I think handcraft should stay together regardless of type. I also usually stay away from any show that designates and area for body/candles/etc because all the smells together are overwhelming and dilute sales for everyone. It never has been a formula that works for me because I tend not to have overwhelming scents.

But the rest of the show was pretty fantastic. Sales were good although I felt as though people thought this was a vegan event, and i had to explain my stuff was vegetarian, not vegan quite a bit. I know I need better signage for next year to explain this to people easier.

There was a wide variety of things represented including local artisans, businesses, and food. It really was a great way to come get a taste for what the area has to offer if you are into vegan, vegetarian, or just plain healthy alternatives.

And my most bravo moment was when they decided to shut the show down early due to the impending storm. Not enough events do this with enough lead time for people to actually have the chance to get out quickly and safely. We made it out safe and dry. I know some people didn't. This show is on concrete and very few tents I saw has sufficient weights to get through the winds that whipped through. Our neighbor's flew over before the storm even started and flipped into the street, luckily missing cars. We had already planned on leaving early and had been watching the radar, and we have well over 125 lbs of weights. So I sighed a big breath of relief when they called the show. So super kudos bravo to them!!

I hope to be back next year to VegFest. I really had a great time meeting new people and seeing some of my usual customers!

Well off I go. I have a day off from soap to let my back heal some more, but lots of paperwork to do instead!  Hope to see you soon!


August 27-September 2, 201

I think I need to keep a better account of what I have been doing. Each day just seems to go by so fast and I barely have half of what I want to accomplish done each day. It is nuts!

Some big things have been happening: I delivered to a local store, that soon will be suing my soaps as part of a holiday gift idea promotion. I still can't quite spill the beans, but once it all comes together I think many of you will be exited about this newly formed relationship!

I have been working on mini guest sized soaps for a local Bed & Breakfast. I think I have the size perfected. they just need to cure for another week or so and then will need final approval.

Coming soon: crazy cool shaving brushes. The handles are hand turned by another Emmaus artisan. I am super excited about this. I have to get photos up and some last details ironed out, but look for this by the end of the month!

We have been working crazy hard in the workshop this past week. Soap everyday, 5 kinds of air fresheners, two fizzys, and 6 lip balms are all finished. Many still need to be labeled and wrapped, but the list is finally getting shorter. I primarily have soaps for a wedding to finish, lip balms, and sachets to do (plus more soaps). Once I get caught up on having inventory we need to evaluate what I think we will need to get us through the November/December months and then start making all off that. I don't want a repeat of August and be running out of things during big shows.

A few new special orders are on the way, a new lip balm flavor and a new lotion bar scent, maybe two. I should have the final details worked out and info up on the web site for ordering by next week.

Dad has been doing great at the farm markets and we are looking to expand to one, maybe two more next year. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Better yet, suggest us to your favorite farm market, they like to hear from customers too!

Anyway, I have got to get going. Hope to see you this Saturday at VegFest in Bethlehem!