A great weekend of shows!

Thursday and Friday at the farm markets were both great for dad and exceeded our sales expectations for the fall. I really expected everything after September to grind to a halt but that hasn't happened for us yet and the markets are still going strong. Next week is the last week for both events (Bethlehem and Bath) so if you haven't gotten out to them or know you want to stock up, better get a move on!

Saturday I was at the St.Luke's Health and Craft Fair. I did great. Now I saw many others that didn't and it was a mixed crowd, but for a first year event I was very happy and I hope they hold it again next year. It was well run, a great layout, good crafts, better than expected sales, load in and out wasn't bad at all, pretty good food (simple wraps but good), just great potential for what could become a something special.

Dad was at the 2010 Groove Your Best Life Conference. I know he entered this event with some apprehension. It is a woman's empowerment conference and there was a big chance that he would feel uncomfortable as pretty much the only man there, but he didn't. I went over after the St. Like's show and was greeted with open arms and just a great vibe. You could really tell that dad had been accepted instantly and that everyone loved that he was so supportive of his daughter. Rosalind who ran the event went out of her way to introduce him to people and make him feel welcome. He was gushing over the great vibe, great women who attended (how smart and empowered, and gracious they all were)for a hour after he got home from the event. He can't wait for the next one!

It has just been a great week for us and shows. This week is the last of the Farm Markets but nothing over the weekend, so a little rest before November and December descend on us. Have a good one!


White Horse Farm Fiber and Art Show

What a WONDERFUL day. Each year my goal is to find what I consider to be "hidden gems"- lovely shows that don't cost a lot to participate in, but bring an unexpected profit and that are fun to be at and just overall some kind of special. This was one of those places!

Dad was seen at the Linvilla craft show by this organizer and I was contacted about participating. Since it takes place at an Alpaca Farm, I figured that it would be a good chance to make enough money to pay for the table and maybe some yarn. I was wonderfully surprised by the turn out and my reception by the festival goers. It is organized by a wonderful fiber artist who does everything- knits, cross stitch, sews, just amazing things, and the farm that hosts it is just beautiful, great architecture, wonderful animals, great fiber and yarn for sale and owned by a honestly warm and generous woman and her husband.

Dad didn't go because he was already booked at another location, and frankly I am glad that he was:) I had that much fun! I got some beautiful baby alpaca yarn and wonderful horn buttons. They put out a great lunch for free for all who attend and participate, and I could have spent all day in the field with the Alpaca, but I had to be at my table selling soap.

In the spring there is another event- shearing day, and I hope to participate and be there again. It was truly a gem of a show!


River Festival & Chestnut Hill

The weeks are getting busier and busier as the Holidays approach. This week marked the last week of the farm market in PPL Plaza. It was canceled due to weather. Although we do not plan on returning next year, I am indebted to them for their kindness, professionalism, and hard work. Some shows work for us and some don't, and this year has been one of growth and expansion into new markets- especially farm markets. We learned that doing three in a row (plus craft shows) is very hard and tiring. We learned that we need more than two days a week to make soap in order to keep up with inventory. And we learned that having at least one day off a week would be nice, and this summer that didn't happen.

Saturday Dad went to the River Festival in Pottstown. It was a rather large lay out, and there was a crowd, but sales were terrible. I can say we won't be back and I will advise anyone I know and like not to do it either.

Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts was as charming in the fall as it it in the spring. This is my first year at the fall show, and other than the fact I think booth placement could have been better (really, did the other soapmaker have to be right across from us?), the day was pleasant and we had great sales. I made a HUGE mistake in the morning and had to drive back to the shop for a box I forgot. It was full of bags, the credit card machine, all the signs, and the rest if the important stuff. UGH. 45 minutes each way made the day a long one. I was asleep around 8 pm and slept till 6 am, long for me...I guess I was tired.

Next week will be quieter. Only two farm markets and shows on Saturday. I am already making a list of household chores for Sunday. No rest for the weary.


I had a dream about this blog post title- this isn't it

The change of seasons changes me. I start to have extremely vivid, very odd dreams. Often I can tell that I was influenced by something on the TV, or in a book, or by some fear. But sometimes they came out of nowhere. Last night was not one of those nights. I had my first dream about Christkindlmarkt for the season. In this dream the booth next to me was setting up with lotions and liquid soaps, all in these huge five gallon pump containers and you would go in and buy your stuff by the squirt. The booth was huge, at least 20 feet long, and full, I mean full, of people to help you. I was frantic because I was trying to get set up and they kept interrupting me asking me questions about set up, and I was all worried about manning the booth alone. I was trying to hang up signs explaining that my products have no dyes or preservatives and that I use my own recipes, in order to try to compete with the booth next door. All the while I was so hurt that they would put such competition right next to me. I literally woke up shaking. But it is October, and that is my last big show for the year and it is on my mind already, so I doubt this will be the last of the creepy dreams.

Getting more storage space soon.. I have an oil tank in my workshop that hasn't been used in a while. It is being drained and removed in the next few weeks so I will have lots more room for storage and shelves. I can't wait!!! I don't know if I am going to use the space for sachets, or for shipping supplies, or both, or for something else. More space means I can start to make some new products I have been thinking about because now I will have a place to put them!

What to do in Denver in October?? C and I get to go to Denver at the end of the month. The hotel stay was a gift and we have enough air miles for the flight and car rental. Now we just need things to do... any suggestions???.. let me clarify-- any non skiing, snowboarding, or general winter sports suggestions??