June 19-25 Week 25

This week was full to the brim. With trips to the hospital, changes in Florida trip plans, and just not enough time to get school work done in between, I’m just glad this week is over and once next week is over it will be even better, I think by July 15th I’ll have a normal life to settle into. A new house, s busy show season- normal I guess….

Monday: Move

Tuesday: J went in for surgery. She had a few masses that could be cancerous that needed to be removed. The surgery was set for 9 am so I got up super early to get there, just for everything to be rearranged for the afternoon. By the time all was said and done I spent the night up there and came back Wednesday morning.

Wednesday: Move

Thursday: Move. Oh, and I was interviewed for a show that will air on WFMZ in July. Its about Artsquest- the place that promotes Musikfest and Chriskindlemarkt. It’s a ½ hour show and I was one of two artists interviewed about Chriskindlemarkt. I’ll have to TiVo it and try to get it uploaded to the web site, or maybe to You Tube, or something like that.

Friday: Pick up the truck for the Florida Trip. Sleep. Sleep some more. Pack for the trip. Talk to the lawn guy with C. Pack some more. Unpack some in order to pack it. Sleep.

Saturday: Leave for Florida

Sunday: Continue drive to Florida

June 12-18 Week 24

This week was all about moving. The stress was building as my desire to get out of the old house was looming larger. With so many things to do including school, and getting ready to go to Florida life was pretty hectic and left me tired, tired, tired.

Monday: Did a bunch of paperwork and unpacked from the weekends move as we waited for the cable guy and water guy to show up at the new house.

Tuesday: Printed flyers and started getting ready for a weekend show. Moved lots of stuff. Put in for my official change of address.

Wednesday: Called around looking for movers to move our last 15 pieces of furniture. Some of these people are crazy- they want $1200 for 15 pieces of furniture!

Thursday: Besides moving I worked on some homework,

Friday: Errand day- then move more. When did we acquire so much stuff? This is endless. I swear it multiples in the night. B & M came over and helped us move the bed- now we can sleep in the new house. After dinner, I decided not to do the craft show the next day- but to take the opportunity for B & M to help us move the big stuff and start a normal life in the new house.

Saturday: I was supposed to do a craft show in Mount Joy. But instead we moved. B & M came over and M helped C bring all the heavy stuff over. We got all the huge stuff (and lots of the small stuff) done. Just a few more trips now to go.

Sunday: We moved but took most of the day to unpack. C was sore from moving. I was just tired.


June 4-11 Week 23

Well congratulations to us- we are now officially home owners. OK, so really legally C is the homeowner, but I picked it out, LOL! Settlement was Friday and went off without a hitch, and we got tons of stuff moved over the weekend and lots of appointments for cable, new locks, etc ready for next week. Most of the week I sort of saved up energy because I know the next three weeks are going to be just crazy- the end of school, the move- and a trip with my dad to Florida to empty a storage container full of who knows what (I don’t remember what I put in storage 3-4 years ago…).

Monday: I paid bills, sent out a few orders, worked on home work and caught up on laundry.
Tuesday: More homework, some business paperwork, and a few errands.
Wednesday: Can you believe how much homework I have to do? Call about some medical bills that came in without going to my insurance company first.
Thursday: what else, school work…errands, and started packing
Friday: the rest of my errands, settlement on the house, and J came to visit. She’s having a really hard time in the military and has been for a while. It’s hard seeing her so utterly depressed and hopeless. So we invited here to come for the weekend and get her mind off things a little.
Saturday: Moved
Sunday: C’s birthday- we moved more and went to B’s for dinner. She made a great homemade cake with lots of candles. C really enjoyed it and for me it was just the right end to a weekend of hard work.


May 28 - June 4 Week 22

Only a few more days until we close on the house and I can start moving. I have so much to do- the last few weeks of school are pretty labor intensive. I’ve got a show in a few weeks, I should get some new stock to a few stores, I have orders to send out, etc… I did get my first two orders on the new web site which is exciting. I am happy that I have gotten away from the PayPal shopping cart, I think that it will increase sales because what I have now is much more user friendly. J started moving her family back to Michigan. It will only be a few more months until she is out of the Army and back home with them. I’m sorry that she’ll be living farther away and I won’t get the chance to see her or the kids as much, but I am glad that she will finally have a real life, and a real job, that doesn’t have all the military junk surrounding it. I am very proud of everyone who serves in the military, I am just less than proud of the organization itself, how it is run, it’s culture, it can be depressing.

Monday I finished Mayfair. Tear down was pretty easy. We got most of it ready to go and then walked over for hot dogs before bringing the car in to load up. Mostly everyone I spoke with said that they are not coming back next year (at least everyone not local), but if the show happens I’ll be there. It is going to need a base of good, local artists if it is ever going to rebound to its former glory. And if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.

Tuesday I went and visited my friend A. We were going to knit, but instead I got totally enthralled with her creativity and projects that she has been working on. She is truly a renaissance crafter- she can do it all and do it all so well. Inspiring!

Wednesday I mailed out an order, worked on homework and overall paperwork, and the web site (trying to do a little every day). I also registered for fall classes. The good news is that they offer the three classes I need to graduate. So I’ll be done in December for sure. I am waiting on an answer about a waiver for a course- so I either need to take 3 or 4 more classes to graduate- depending on the answer. I registered for the three that I know that I have to take, so now I just need to wait and see about the fourth. I hope that they tell me soon. I hate the wait.

Thursday: A day of homework during the day, and at night B and I took a fused glass class. It was very intro- we made two refrigerator magnets, but I really loved the overall process. I have always had an affinity for glass, and fusing is fun. They offer more advanced classes and I think we may take them in the future.

Friday: B and I went to the Bead Expo in Allentown. It was my first bead show and I was a little bead overwhelmed. B was in heaven. I just can’t “think bead”. I know what I like, and I know what colors go well together, I just can’t visualize a finished product. B is the opposite, show her a bead and she can rattle out 20 things she could do with it. I really had fun helping her spend her money though.

Saturday we went to Ikea. They are having a sale and I wanted some new shelves for the new shop at the new house (I just like saying new, new, new). The ones I wanted were not on sale (of course) but we got them anyway, why drive down again in a few weeks. So they sit in my van until closing day….In the evening I chatted with my group about mt group project. Have I ever told you how much I hate group projects? This one is no different.

Sunday: B and I went to a bead making demo (lampwork) over at OOOH in Emmaus. We walked through the farmers market and then she went to look at houses and I plopped in front of the TV to watch the NASCAR race. Hey at least the ol’ #6 didn’t loose any spots in the standings although he is pretty far back in points. I finished this monster scarf I have been working on and started another. I’ll take pictures and get it up for sale in a few days.