Week 24 Accomplishments

Monday: The day was full of phone calls back and forth with my dad, about where he was going, how he was getting there, were we coming down to help/get him, and all that. In between I had time to: update the blog, buy cat food, go to the post office, buy some soap supplies, clean up the basement, make some lip gloss and some lotion bars, fill an order, work on a new label design, and do some laundry…. Oh and pick up the rental car for tomorrow's trip….

Tuesday: Leave for Alabama (3:00 am) to go pick up dad. Arrive 4:00 pm (Alabama time, making a 14 hour trip). Pack the car, check out of hotel, eat at Cracker Barrel, leave at 6:00 pm (Alabama time) arrive….

Wednesday… 11:00 am (PA Time, a 15 hour trip). Check e-mail, take a nap, eat dinner, B& M come to visit in the evening, go to bed….

Thursday… Finish weighing out the citric acid (that was started on Sunday), finish making lip glosses (except labels), bring dad to the doctor (still no clue what's wrong, but have 3 more appointments now), and go to the grocery store.

Friday…Bring Dad for blood work, and cut up and mill 4 batches of soap

Saturday… Cut 4 batches of soap, make 2 batches of Gardenia, pick up some groceries we forgot the other day…

Sunday… Laundry, Mill 4 batches soap, Make 1 batch gardenia, 2 batches Ginger-Lime, cut up 4 batches soap, and get 4 batches of lye ready for tomorrow (to make more soap)…


Week 23 Accomplishments

Monday: Just a day filled with stuff: the bank, the post office, the drycleaner, finding and sending in show applications, updating the website (so how do you like it), blogging, bills, buying some supplies, dehydrating catnip for the cats… oh and I started making a new product- a lip gloss, 6 flavors, 6 colors, ran out of supplies before I was done….

Tuesday…More stuff…. laundry, picked up my new contacts and glasses, sent out a few orders for soap, and messed with the website some more…

Wednesday… Lots of homework, and started downloading books onto the I-pod for my dad.

Thursday… Cleaned the house (C came home today), more I-pod downloading, and arranged the basement, finally went though every last box down there and figured out where everything belongs.

Friday….I picked up my inventory that was at Bear Necessities, came home and inventoried it and put it all where it belongs, got out three more orders for soap in the process.

Saturday… Groceries, Ikea - they didn't have wheat I wanted- they don't make it anymore- I'm bummed, brought boxes and leaves to the recycling center, went to storage and picked up a few boxes of stuff still there, C helped me weigh out the bath salts so its easier for me to make them, as well as a big bag of citric acid. My dad called from an emergency room in Alabama, he was in severe pain so they admitted him and ran a bunch of test, at bedtime, we thought it was kidney stones…

Sunday…make 12 (16 pound) batches of soap. Downloaded more books for dad. He was released from the hospital after a bunch of tests including a CT and a ultrasound. No stones, no clue about the cause of the pain really other than the fact his prostate is a little enlarged. Gave him pain pills and some antibiotics and sent him on his way. He checked into a hotel for a few days to let the meds work. I may have to go down in a few days and help his clean out the truck so he can take an extended leave (come back here) and find a doctor and get checked out. I'm really worried about him, but mostly the not knowing what to do and when is the hardest….


Some Changes....

I updated the web site: lots of new photos. Let me know what you think!

I won't be at the Columbia Antique, Art & Craft Fair in June, We will be visiting C's sister in Miami that weekend.

I will be leaving Bear Necessities as of June 17. I love this store, but I just have to be honest, it is not profitable enough for me to keep inventory there, when I could be selling it someplace else. Since my contract is up, its time to go.

Mill on the Hill: I still haven't gotten any inventory there because of the move. I need to get going on this, so I've deleted them until I can actually say that I have product there.

Week 22 Accomplishments

This has been the week of frustrations. In between everything else I was doing, I go to make soap and I can't find my new burners, I go to make bath salts and my scale is dead, I try and rearrange and get things set up, and I don't have enough outlets. I tried real hard to make soap this week, it just didn't happen…

Monday: Errand day: my dad came by to visit and we installed the a/c in the bedroom. Now at least I'm not totally baking in this 90+ heat. I spent the day going to the post office, getting our new membership at BJ's, picking up plants for the pond (and tadpoles!), dropping off boxes at recycling and purchasing bath salts and lip gloss containers. Even had time to make an eye doctor's appointment.

Tuesday: I repotted some plants that were bought as a gift. Got together a graduation gift for a friend's daughter. I brought the garbage out, which included going through the house and emptying all the little trash bins we have in the office and such (for some reason I hate doing this, I don't know why)

Wednesday: I had a meeting at Mainline Art Center to talk about how the spring craft fair went. It was the best that they ever had, quite an accomplishment. When I got home I spent time looking for new shows for next year and generally cleaning out some of the stuff that has piled onto my desk- like prospective shows, suppliers, and miscellaneous recipes I want to try.

Thursday: Went to my eye doctor appointment. My eyes are no worse than last year, the new contacts I want to try actually come in my prescription, and I found glasses that weren’t too expensive, so now I'll have a pair for emergencies (when I can't wear my contacts). That was a good visit! I cleaned up the house because C comes home this evening, did some laundry and went to the PO.

Friday: Ran to Target in the morning, and then after C got done working; we spent the rest of the day putting together new shelves in my storage room. This let me rearrange the basement and almost get everything out of boxes and into some sort of order.

Saturday: Went to Home Depot and bought a new freezer for the business. It was a little bigger than the one I initially wanted, but its perfect! We also got an A/C for the living room and while C installed it I went and visited B at a show near me. The show was real bad, and we prayed for rain so she could go home, and lo and behold, it poured cats & dogs. But she got to go home early! After that I came home and got ready to bring C to dinner for his birthday. We went to this really nice grill house and ate really good food. It was the first time in a while we have actually sat across from one another at a table at a restaurant where there aren't 6 screaming kids seated next to us. I felt all grown up.

Sunday we rested. We spent the morning cleaning the car port, playing with the new weed whacker and shrub trimmer and generally cleaned up the side yard near the pond and made a plan for our future gardening. We decided what we want to put in the front yard, where the herb garden will go, where to put in some vegetables, and what plant to put around the pond. Now we just need a pond fountain and I think we'll be going well


Week 21 Accomplishements

Monday was spent at the show as previously reported….

Tuesday… I caught up on everything..homework, laundry, this blog. Also picked up remaining inventory from Bucks County Designer House, went to the bank and the post office, and updated my inventory to reflect sales of the past few shows…

Wednesday…Drove B to pick up the furniture she was given, also finished the laundry and homework for the week.

Thursday…. .B and I drove out and picked up oils for me, and plates for her, as well as explored a bunch of fabric and sewing stores… What fun!!!

Friday…Cleaned the house, emptied the truck of all the oils…

Saturday.. J came and brought the little K with her. We went to Ikea and picked up shelving for my soap storage room. K misbehaved so J had to stand her motherly ground and bring her home. Bummer, I wanted to bring K to the Crayola factory tomorrow… maybe next time….

Sunday… I cleaned out one of the ponds! What a chore!, but its re filled and I put a few plants back in it as well. Also started cleaning out the area where I want to put a herb garden. Now I need to get a pump (if I can find electricity to it), a fountain, and some fish, as well as some new plants. A shelving unit that I keep my music box collection on fell, and something hit Pemienta (the black cat) on the head. It didn't cut her, but she has a large patch of fur missing, right to the scalp, its so odd…So I've been watching her closely all day just in case she has a kitty concussion or something, but she seems fine, just skittish. But I broke about 6 music boxes I've had since childhood, including a snow globe. Got water everywhere, so I had to just close the spare bedroom door and let it all dry before I can finish vacuuming. I'll finish cleaning that mess up tomorrow..… In the afternoon I went and met my dad, brought him some new stuff to watch on DVD, and put some new audio books on the Ipod for him. We had a nice dinner, and now I'm home for the night. We still haven’t had the chance to install the air conditioner, so the house is a toast 85 today… maybe I'll sleep in the basement, LOL!


Bucks County Designer House

I just love this show. Although it is small, but since all I do is drive to the show and drop off my stuff, and a month later go pick up whatever didn't sell, it is extremely profitable for me. This year I sold more soap than last year, and that's all I bring to them is soap, no bath salts, no lotion bars, just soap. I sold over half the bars I brought to them, yahoo! As for profit, this show made much more than the other two "boutique" shows I took part in so far this year, and was much less work.

As for pick up, my friend B also has her stuff there so we drove down together to save on some gas. While she was there she commented on a shelving unit she really liked, and lo and behold, they were going to trash it! So they gave it to her. B got a paycheck and some free furniture out of the deal. Way to go B! So the next day I drove her down and we picked up the unit. I had to do a contortion act to get it into the back of the pickup (B says she would have won a million on Americas Funniest Videos), but it fit. We joked about so much for saving money, since she drove me down the first day, and I drove her back for the shelves the second. And we thought we'd just be making one trip!

That's all for this show:
Best seller: Lavender Fields