Musikfest Day 9

Not as fabulous as the day before but still good. Multi-day shows always make me wonder a little- how every day can draw a different crowd- in size - in temperament- in socio-economic status. I wonder if it is the music being offered that day or exactly what it is that seems to draw such a diverse crowd.

I am tired and although I sit at the show thinking of things I want to blog, once I get here in the morning I can't think of any of the witty remarks I was thinking of during the day before. I have tried writing myself notes but then I don't live in the moment as much, the day is almost seen through a lens, of how I would blog this, or blog that.

I did learn that male horses like the smell of Patchouli and find it an aphrodisiac. See what an interesting job I have!

I do now have the possibility of three local shops looking at my stuff to sell. A few of them would be special order fragrances which I really like, that way I may be able to have things in all the places without stepping on each others toes. I also have a possible wedding in the works to do favors for. I say possible because until a contract is signed I don't get too excited, but I am pretty sure this one is a done deal.

Sales were good, not as good as Friday but still good on their own. After Friday being so busy, Saturday seemed tame. I have made my sales goal and have exceeded it by just a few dollars. Time to see if the rain lets up and if Sunday is a good day or a wash out...

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