Musikfest Day 3

Better if it was referred to as as Musikmess. It rained hard overnight and continued on into the morning. Large puddles of mud formed around the craft area and some electricity (including ours) was out. I even has about 2 inches of standing water in one section of the booth, but luckily it was in the back where we sit rather than where people shop.

Another crafter and I joked about mud wrestling in the puddles to make money, because if the rain didn't stop it may be the only chance we would have to make an income all day:)

After C got our electrity fixed, guess it was the GFI, we hunkered in for a few hours and watched the rain go by. The soaps get downright slick in the rain as they draw the humidity from the air to them. Yesterday they felt like I showered with them before putting them out for sale. Pretty gross.

The rains came back in the afternoon but this time they left the thunder and lightening behind. It was just a few hours of on again - off again rain with no real wind. I wish the rain would cool things off, but it doesn't, it just makes the day more sauna like.

Given the weather I was really happy with sales. I am close to last year's average, so if the weather holds out like they say it should, I think this will be a good show this year. I am tired though, I keep thinking that it is Friday tomorrow rather than Monday. I keep expecting my dad to come home and he just left... I cooked some yellow squash in the morning and finally got to try my three bean salad which was AWESOME!! and eat some peppers and onions with sausages.

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