Musikfest Day 2

Wow, what a good day. The weather was hot, but beautiful (except for that freak 10 minute rain storm mid afternoon) and the people were out and about. Sales were great, I sold three shaving mug sets and am very excited about the response I am getting to this new product. I have even sold out of all the shaving soaps that can be used alone or as refills, so I have to get pouring more of those ASAP. They won't be ready for this show, but maybe the next if I can get on them right away.

I have realized there is a plethora of people smoking cigars this year, both men and women. I really, really, hate cigars. They are pungent and persistent, with the smell lingering for what feels like hours. I also think that so far the cigar smokers I have ran into are less courteous than cigarette smokers. They just some on in the booth, smoking away, and driving out other customers like bee keepers tending their hives. And even 20 minutes later customers come in and comment on the cigar smell. The tents don't have great ventilation so the smoke just rises and sits in the top portion of the tent dome. Blech!

Now I know I shouldn't generalize like this, I am sure there are plenty of courteous, pleasant, cigar smoking people who smoke genuinely good smelling cigars. I just haven't seen/met any yet this show, and boy, how I would love to meet some.

This morning I cooked some three bean salad using fresh beans from the garden and the CSA. I'll try it tomorrow after it marinates, and I think this is the first time I have ever had it with fresh beans, rather than those out of a can (and made my own dressing, rather than a bottle). I think that cooking a little every morning helps me feel normal during this time of intense hours at the show. I am trying to eat better and use up the veggies that are taking over my fridge.

I also met a gentleman who works for a local essential oil distiller. I would love to source all my oils locally, and can't wait for the show to end so I can explore this possibility. I am always leery of these sorts of encounters, but I genuinely think this may pan out. I'll keep everyone posted.

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