Mulhenberg Hospital Summer Festival Day 3

So day two's sales were only a few dollars more than day one's were. Bummer. Here is hoping that today gets busier since it is a Friday.

I have had a headache all day, started out with my sinuses- so I took some sinus meds that put me to sleep. Then fell back to sleep this afternoon with a slight headache still and woke up with a whopper. Certainly feels like a migraine.

I brought socks to knit tonight. I usually don't knit non-business things at shows but I need these needles empty for another project before I go away next week. And i am getting sick of these socks!

Tomorrow I start a Dorset button tutorial on my favorite Ravelry group so I have to get that info together, maybe tonight if the show is quiet.

So yesterday I kept myself from keeping tract of the stupider comments I have gotten at the show... but today...
"Patchouli Soup" (the sign clearly states soap.. and that "you should buy it for your father because he is always eating"
"Are these fudge?"- now EVERY fragrance is labeled with the word SOAP, and there is a big banner above my head that says NATURAL SOAP, and another banner with my company name and the words SOAPS & TOILETRIES... Where fudge figured into this is any ones guess...

Overall sales were pretty good for only having 5 hours of show. The rain stayed away and I am looking forward to a busy Saturday...

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