Musikfest Day 6

Banker's hours. That is what I kept today- banker's hours. I went in early with K and brought in inventory and came back to the workshop to get a bunch of stuff done. But honestly, I ended up taking a nap for a hour. I actually woke up feeling rested for the first time in weeks. I have been dealing with a month or so of insomnia. I have no problem getting to sleep, it is the staying asleep part that is hard. So I listened to my body and took the nap.

I arrived bringing lunch and K and I got to have some sushi. Yum. I walked around and saw the new vendors for the second half on the festival, some are great, and well, some aren't...

K left me about 6 pm and then the night began. Sales were brisk once the tempo started picking up and some customers brought in friends so it was a joyous night as I got to see some regular faces and meet some new ones.

All in all when I got home I did my nightly paperwork and was very happy with a Wednesday sales number and I got packed up for the next day and crawled into bed. Only 4 more days left to go!

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