Mulhenberg Hospital Summer Festival- Day 1

I love that this show is only from 5-10 pm during the week. The place is pretty busy right now and it is 7 pm. It is also a good family atmosphere.

It is raining some, very humid, but I am cold. Most people are looking at me weird in my sweatshirt, and bare feet, but I am comfortable- sticky- but comfortable.

The booth across from me is playing some gosh awful music. I think it may be old Willie Nelson?? But I am not sure. I can tell you it has a distinct twang to it and a slow enough tempo that I am going to fall asleep soon.

It is fun to be next to B, but she is so far away. The booth between us was not sold so she let me spread out some. The tables are all laid out straight, about 18 feet. Everything seems so far away.

The soaps are getting slick due to the humidity. Some of them never really dried out after Musikfest.

I have tried to bring a bunch of things to do to the show but I am being thwarted by technology. First I want to work on a new catalog, but I am having trouble with the small screen and lack of mouse on the lap top to really get any real work done. Then I tried to work on my mailing list and get it updated from the last few shows, but I guess I forgot my password, because I couldn't log into the account. So now I am waiting for an e-mail with my password information so maybe I can start that later.

Sales seem slow, but after just getting done with Musikfest, it is hard not to think that the day is slow. Also, many people come here multiple days and they buy later on in the festival. Today is to look around, eat, and let the kids ride the rides.

Also this show has a more mature audience than many I do. The crochet tea towels are flying off the table of the lady next to me. It is just that kinda show.

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