Musikfest Day 5

Today I got up and packed up inventory, measured out some lye so I can make soap, and picked some beans from the garden. Then I went over to the show and set up with K and left here there while B and I went to have lunch. By the time we got back to bring K her salad, she had only made 1 sale, so needless to say, the morning started rather slow. I left again with B and we went over to a local park for our twice a month goal meeting. This is where we catchup with each other and share our goals for the next few weeks and see how much we accomplished over the past few weeks. This is not only to keep us on track with our business, but we hash out personal goals and domestic goals as well. It is good to have someone keep me in check and keep me motivated. Besides, I have to pay her $1 for every goal I don't accomplish, and that is a lot of motivation in itself.

Anyway, I made it back to the show about 3:30 and it was still pretty empty so I walked around the festival for a bit to check out the crowd and the retail vendors and the food vendors. When I made it back around 5:00 things were starting to pick up. K left around 6 and about 7-10 pm I had a real rush of sales. The day turned out to be good for a Tuesday and I am still close to my sales goal for the show. But I still have the second weekend, which is usually better for me anyway, so it is still possible to be on target by the end.

All in all, the first five days have been a success and I am happy:)

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