Monday Stress

Well the cold is almost gone. Probably just another day or two before I am back to 100%. Stress and your health really do go hand in hand. when I push myself too far, my body fights back and gives me the rest I need and deserve wether or not I want it right then or not. If I had just relaxed one week earlier, I probably could have avoided this, but I didn't listen to myself so it was too late. It was probably why that last week was so hard on me too, my body was fighting back. I knew I was wiped out, but I thought it was more mental than physical, but it was definatley a warning sign I need to look for and listen to in the future.

That is something that anyone that is self-employed has to do: listen to our bodies and minds for signs and warnings and heed their calls. When you do it all, or even do most of something, being sick really impacts everything, not to mention the doctor bills it causes. I now know that I need to even things out a bit, take at least one day a week completely off, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

So that is the plan when I get back. 10 hours a day max, one day a week off (teo if I can manage it), an apple a day, and some excercise. Try that for four weeks and see if I am in better shape before my next break than I was before this one.

On another note: last week R left me a message that really resonated in me. She noted that I Control, Compete, and Compare. This is with others and with myself. And she is right. So I need to work on these things. They are not flattering features of my personality at all. Especially when I fight within myself, within my household. That is one reason I started blogging about this stuff this year, to hold up a mirror to be able to see things better and to be able to make changes. The business is going well, with the expansion last year of Dad helping I am now a boss too in a way, so many changes, so much to reflect on and learn and do different.

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