Fiber Fridays

So this week I have been sick. Too sick to be 100%, but not so sick that I have to just be in bed. This means I have been totally geeking out and knitting for days. Nothing better than some Dr.Who, Torchwood, Primeval, or XFiles, tea with lemon, and the quiet clang of some knitting needles.

So far I have finished five washcloths, a felted tote, and today I will polish off a möbius caplet.

The washcloths are great when I get tired or too uncomfortable to think about things. The felted tote was fun because I really had to figure out the pattern. It is for C to use when he travels. Something he can put in his carry on and use to store his phone, wristwatch, and wallet as he goes through TSA. What happens now is thatch puts everything in the bag, and it always seems to sink to the bottom and take him 10 minutes to find everything when he is through the line. Making something felted is always fun because when you knit it it is huge, and when you are done with some careful washing you have this perfect little item, thick and heavy, pretty indestructible.

But I love the möbius caplet. Because of it's single half twist, it is an endless loop. It rests on the shoulders, and hugs you, making it difficult for it to fall off, unless it falls past your waist to the floor. Its construction is unique and is knit from the center out, rather than from side to side. Right now I just am knitting a simple one but I want to explore knitting different patterns and textures using this technique. It makes my brain thinking whole new way.

So back I go to the sofa. I have no voice so I can't go anywhere even if I wanted to. Can't go through the day completely silent unless I am alone.

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