Fiber Friday (late)

Been knitting lots while I have been away. Two shawls, a tote, and over 20 washcloths. With each stitch I can feel the stress melt away. It is better than therapy for me. We went to a yarn shop here in town and they had wonderful cotton yarns, some the softest I have ever felt. I bought three or four skeins of various cottons to make some washcloths with as well as enough to make a few pairs of socks and two small shawls of scarves. Somehow I found the inner strength to leave the silk yarn with beads there. Probably because it was mega expensive. But it was also mega beautiful.

The only thing I wished I got more done with is a shawl for C's mom. But between the cold and having to be a lot of places, the harder pattern and large size really kept me from getting anything done on it. Not to mention it is black yarn, so I really need light to be able to work on it. hopefully I can get back to it once I get home and it doesn't become a huge work in progress taking up space and langusihing in my knitting box.

But the fiber fun was helping C's sister knit. She knows how, but is always more comfortable with some reminding in how to cast on, turn the work, and learn a few new stitches along the way. So we got her yarn for a shawl and some needles, and I got her going on a cool pattern using some elongated garter stitch. Knitting with her really was the highlight of my fiber for the week.

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