Week 36 Accomplishments

Monday: Last day of the Allentown Fair (for some reason this seems like ages away now, the rest of the week was so busy. I actually had to check my calendar to see if my notes were right).

Tuesday: Unload the truck, run the regular errands, make Honeysuckle soap, lots and lots of paperwork to catch up on.

Wednesday: Lunch at the UWBW. We defiantly were not in the mood to work and seriously skirted our responsibilities. I lost my notebook. It had a check in it. I can't believe I lost a notebook with a check in it. I am at a complete loss as to where it could be. I remember putting it "someplace safe", well it's so safe I can't find it!

Tuesday and Friday: I was lazy, but did a lot too. I worked on my newsletter and my mailing list. I found a great service that will take care of all that permission-marketing headache and legalities. I just upload to them the addresses and the newsletter and they take care of the database maintenance and security for a small monthly fee. I also got a ton of phone calls made and things just generally straightened out. I can finally find my desk.

Saturday: ran errands with C: Best Buy, Radio Shack. I also made the first real meal I've cooked in over a month (ok more like 3 months). It was a great beef stew and I've forgotten how good it is to smell the crock-pot cooking all day. I really can't wait until January so I can have a real life, a few months without shows, and a few months without C traveling (I can wish, can't I?).

Sunday: C and I went to Atlantic City with B & M. It is always so fun and relaxing there. It would have been nicer if the slots were a little looser though. But that would always be nicer, wouldn't it?

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