Dad Update- 7

Today was just a quick visit to the orthopedic doctor. Dad certainly has something going on in his hip as well, but since it is getting better on its own there is nothing to do about it right now.

The current plan as it stands (barring the colo-rectal guy finding something wiggy Thursday) is a hernia operation in early August, two weeks of little to no activity as it heals, a follow up by the surgeon, and a final check up by the ortho in early September. This is because he was the doctor that signed dad out of work on medical leave, so he needs to be the one to give the final OK for dad to go back to work. No physical therapy will be needed and dad should get back to work by the deadline of September 10.

He'll need to take a easy for a little while, take as much time off as he is allowed (3 days every 3 weeks) and his full two week vacation as well.

But there is now a light at the end of the tunnel…

And its not a train…

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