Week of July 9-15

Well it has been an eventful week. Monday was primarily used to catch up on things. We got the van empties, the displays cleaned and put away, the inventory put away, my list of things to make updated, all the bills paid, and the emails answered.

We also learned Monday that there had been a death in the family, that meant we had to go up to New York State for the services. C changed his travel plans for work, I canceled the weeks farm markets, and we all doubled up on trying to get everything done so we could leave for a few days.

Tuesday and Wednesday we made soap and everything else was just a blur. I can't for the life of me think of what got accomplished, but I know it was two long days and I went to bed very tired each night. I know I got the garden back under control, and supplies ordered, and updated the web site with the new air fresheners.

Thursday and Friday we were gone and were exhausted by the time we returned. The one cool thing was my step-brother was in town on a totally unrelated trip, so we got to see him and the family for a few hours. We don't get to see each other too often so it was happy that things happened the way they did, when they did. Saturday I caught up on a few outstanding orders, but mostly we all tried to rest and relax some.

Sunday C left for a week away at work again, and dad and I hit the workshop. We made soap and I cleaned up and arranged some. It was really only a half day, and the rest of the day was spent cooking and knitting  and napping, the way a Sunday should be spent in my opinion.

So here we are back to Monday. Today I hope to finish up getting photos on the web site, I want to finish the clearance items and the specialty soaps. That will get it all done for now. I also will finally be making the samples for a wedding I have soap to make for. It will take me a day or two to get them a dozen or so different looks to choose from. Also need to make bath soaks this week, and get some lip balms shrink wrapped. It is the WXPN Festival and I leave on Thursday to do that, so it will be another three long and busy days!

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