Kutztown Folk Festival Day 5

Happy Fourth of July! All I can say is: best sales day at Kutztown, ever! I nearly doubled my sales from last year's July 4th. Woot! Woot!

It was a really bust but awesome day, it started strong, I seriously made a sale before I was in my booth. Another craft-person bought a lip balm and kindly left me a note and the correct change. I took that as a sign and I was right. The day was just steady and busy the whole time. I barely had the chance to make it out of my spot to use the ladies room!

It has been hot and the heat index says hotter. It isn't too bad, I really am getting used to it. The only place that is uncomfortable is right around my belly, there is like 5 layers of clothes all covering the same place. I have been standing barefoot to help keep cool, and it is helping. My only drawback s the angle of the booth keeps lots of pressure on my heals so my feet are starting to get sore and tingly. So far if I out them up at night they are better by morning and I hope that stays that way. Luckily I usually wear barefoot shoes (Vibram's) anyway so my legs are really use to doing this, so my legs feel fine, it is just my feet. I think it is the concrete, I would be great if I was on grass.

Storms overnight woke me up. Of course I was worried about my stand. I think I will be fine, I took up everything on the floor and covered it all up. The way the storms were headed down my side of the building wouldn't have been the direct hit. I just reminded myself it wasn't like I could drive out there in the middle of teh night, so go back to sleep and triage in the morning. So wish me luck!

Well time to go pack some inventory, I have quite a bit to do! Hope to see you at the festival!

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