May 21-27, 2007 Week 21

Besides Mayfair (see other posts) I really got quite a bit done this week. I really think much of it has to do with the fact that I had taken the weekend off, relaxed, and did something that I wanted to do for a while, start my garden.

Monday: After taking three whole days off I was ready to get back into the shop, but I had promised myself and C four days out of the shop, so I did a bunch of other things instead. I called Lowe’s to get a time set to get the last of our blinds installed. The replacements had finally come and now we can finally get this fiasco off of our plate. I also did my accounting for March & April, and after I finished that did my sales tax for PA, rather late, but not so late as to get me in trouble at Mayfair for it not being done. I also printed out new signage for the entire booth. I talked to B about the darts banquet that was this night that I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it to, and I did laundry. I also got a few boxes mailed- one to J with some things for the girls and some recipe books for her. And as usual on Monday I blogged and paid my bills….

Tuesday: Finally back in the shop. K came over and she e-bayed just about everything that I have hanging around here at the house. While she did that I got the signage laminated and stamps on the newsletters so I could finally get them mailed out. I did the usual chores: bring out the garbage, check the hot tub chems, dishes, cat pan, etc. I sold one thing on e-bay just after she posted it, so I got that mailed out as well as a few orders I needed to send. To day also included a trip to Home Depot to get some more garden soil, dinner at a local Italian place, and some time on line at Staples for toner.

Wednesday: Amongst everything else I somehow found some time to knit. I am a little more than halfway finished with B’s afghan. There are 8 strips that make it up, I have four completely done and one more almost complete. K came and completed the e-bay. We made the day short because I knew that Mayfair was going to be long and hot. I finished getting my veggies in the garden plated (lettuce, beets, cucumber, pepper, tomato & basil). I also stopped at AC Moore for some hemp cord so we could make bubble bags at Mayfair and I got the parts of the bubble bags cut down and flattened- all ready for assembly. I also got change at the bank, got another toner at Staples that I didn’t order the day before, because I didn’t know it was low, and packed the van for the show. Somewhere in this mess I also got soap cut and into the curing room and four batches of basic soap made. Whew… looking back on it all makes me tired….

Thursday: I folded flyers in the morning before going and setting up for the show and doing the first day of the show. I also got to suck a spider into the vacuum- I HATE SPIDERS, and although I always emotionally miss C while he is gone (he is in Puerto Rico this week and weekend), it is things like this that I sometimes take for granted and really miss him being around for. I mean, this thing was so big it thumped on the side of the vacuum hose, yuck!

Friday: Before going to the show I: packed the fridge with water bottles, ate breakfast, counted the bubble bags made the day before while at the show and logged them into inventory, printed labels, packed things to do at the show this day, cleaned the cat water bowl, updated my events calendar, ran credit cards through the terminal from the sales the day before, cleaned the cat pan, brought out the garbage, put chlorine in the hot tub, filled the outside birdfeeders, and watered the garden. Then I went to the show….

Saturday: Printed labels so we could finish labeling lotion bars at the show, packed soap, packed molds to show a potential new client , and some packaging options, printed my mailing list so I could go through that and get rid of duplicates, watered the garden, counted sales and inventory, packed inventory to being to the show, packed lunch, and inventoried in bubble bags mad the day before…. Then off to the show…

Sunday: I changed sheets on the bed, started laundry, ran credit cards, straightened up the house (C was coming home and it was a mess), bloged the last few days of show, packed my lunch, packed inventory to bring to the show, and I emptied out my tent of all the extra stuff I didn’t need- a work table, some boxes, an extra display and an extra chair. Good thing since I think if everything was still in the tent when the storm hit, things would have been a lot uglier.

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