Water Water Everywhere...

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE this time of year. The craft shows have ended and I get to do a bunch of things that are time consuming but rejuvenating and inspiring. Today C and Dad took over and did some amazing things!

Today I got a new sink and a spiffy new faucet. It is a single deep stainless steel sink. I can actually fit a pot in it. And my faucet is the type you see fancy kitchens, the ones that have a sprayer and come up tall with a spring over the sink. (picture above). So now I can use the sink and fill up pots and plastic containers, etc all at the same time.....Whoo Hoo!!!

I also had the door removed to the kitchen part of the work shop. This allowed me to free up a wall where I could move the file cabinet and some pictures and cork board. I started to file labels and that sort of thing. Still have a few hours to go through show applications, etc...

I adore this renovation, moving, restocking, reorganizing, cleaning part of the year. It makes it all fresh and new again. I got new lights for the workshop, now it is bright and cheery rather than dark and cave like.

Now C and Dad need to fix the drain. I have water, but it has no where to go right now. They need to put in a garbage disposal and a new pump and then my sink will be complete and ready to rock! And I can stop cleaning molds in my kitchen sink, and get my kitchen island back too!

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