Weekend 2 is done!

And I kicked some soapie butt! Sales exceeded my goals/expectations. Customers were so pleasant and happy. It was COLD in my booth a few times, but I survived with my leg warmers, double socks, and heating pad (and hat).

I get to spoil myself again since I did so well. I think this week I am going to get myself a garlic pot to store my garlic in, rather than the cereal bowl on the counter it is currently sitting in. Then I get my cereal bowl back to eat out of :)

I traded some soap for some hand spun BFL Ia really yummy yummy yarn) in bright yellows and greens. It is very happy yarn.

It snowed on Saturday but it didn't really diminish sales until the afternoon when things got sorta bad out and it slowed down and got cold.

I made a huge list of things to do on my "weekend" off (Monday-Wed) but I forgot it in my booth so I am trying to recreate it and remember everything I wanted/needed to do.

I have been proud of myself, I have been exercising on my days off and hope to keep it up after the show ends. I also have been trying to eat better too. Less chocolate (the horrors!) and more veggies.

My toe seems back to normal. It hurt like crazy over the weekend, deep in the foot, must of been where the nerve was pinched or something. But the feeling is back and the color is good, and I won't wear those shoes with two pairs of socks ever again.

I bought a pair of tights to wear under my pants to stay warmer, and put a run in them the first time I wore them. Had to get another pair so I can wear them with a skirt/dress and not look stupid.

Got almost all my Christmas shopping done and boxes have started to arrive. Just have a few more things to order tonight. We are trying to decide where we will be for Christmas/New Years. Maybe home, maybe Puerto Rico, maybe Orlando Florida. I have to see where dad will be over the holiday as well so we can make a decision.

I am really excited about 2010. i am ready to hit the ground running, make lots of inventory, and get things ready- like the web site, and some stores to sell at, and some home shows to do. This is the first year I can remember in a while where I feel invigorated rather than tired at the end of the year. I think this is a great sign of things to come.

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