Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Monday after the show K and I spent a good portion of the day getting things put away and counted for inventory. I started to rearrange the workshop once again and try to get some things into places that make them easier to find/get to, and generally pick up (those heavy boxes on the top shelf have sucked!).

Tuesday and Wednesday C and I went to Atlantic City. We lost on the slots, but had some nice meals, got to sleep late, and saw Avatar in Imax 3D. Pretty impressive movie when it comes to the special effects and 3D. I think on the smaller screen in 2d I wouldn't have been as impressed or happy with the movie. 3D is the way to go and IMax for sure if you can too, well worth the price of the tickets.

Christmas Eve we came home in the afternoon to dad. He is decided that driving big rig isn't for him anymore and it is time for him to move on. Not sure to what yet, but until he figures that out, I'll put him to work in the workshop as much as I can.

Dad made a great meal for Christmas Eve- BBQ Pork Ribs and I made a loaded potato soup to go with it. Yum. Christmas day we all opened gifts and generally hung around and napped, ate, and slept. I knit some and tried to figure out how much more I need to do to finish my afghan. in case you wondered, the answer is lots---

The day after Christmas we went to see Sherlock Holmes. Pretty cool movie and Robert Downey Jr is getting handsome in his old age. Quirky cute in this role. Most movies I have seen on the big screen in ages. It was a nice treat. Stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things, came home and decided not to cook.

Yesterday I cooked a nice lunch and then C,K, and I went shopping. 4 hours in a mall. The most time I have been in one of those in probably 5 years or more. We got her a load of clothes for her new job and new school. They all look great on her and shouldn't be too hard to wash, I don't think anything needs to be dry-cleaned, just pressed by hand sometimes.

Today is lunch with B, and time to start in on cleaning the workshop. A little a day and it shouldn't take too long. Just lots of stuff to put away. Then to work on the January sale and get the web site updated for that. The work never ends even when I try to make it!

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