Weekend three is over!!

And it was the best one yet!! I am above my projected sales and very happy with the way things are going. I haven't run out of anything yet so I am really happy that I pushed myself as much as I did right before the show. If I hadn't I would have been out of stuff for sure. But i am positive that some things will run out by the end of the show- Lavender soap and Shampoo bars are almost gone, as are Oatmeal Almond bath fizzys.

Thursday wasn't bad, it wasn't as good as last Thursday but it was much, much colder out so I think that kept people home and warm. Friday wasn't much better than Thursday, but it was even colder outside so it wasn't surprising. The wind was wreaking havoc with the show and the lights even flickered a few times. The tent was flapping in the breeze by me and the wind was freezing my feet. I brought in a foot warming pad (the kind that usually goes under desks) and toe warmers I bought at LL Bean. So although it was very cold in my booth, I was OK.

Saturday was about the same as last Saturday, which was very good. We had a lot of buses full of buyers. I really, really need to redesign my booth next year because my position in the booth is just a huge log jam of people trying to sniff and trying to pay. A bad choice that I will need to really think about next year.

But Sunday killed. I did great, almost as good as Saturday. That was a surprise to me. This was the day I finally started to think about running out of things and how I was going to rearrange and cope with that fact. I have run out of many fragrances of sachets too.

I have started to think about load out and how to get everything home in one trip. I think I need to bring home a bunch of stuff on Saturday night, a few displays, extra stock, and the cooler. So if you are thinking of coming to the show next Sunday- this is fair warning- I may be out of something you want before you get there:)

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