Back to work tomorrow

Well it is back to work tomorrow. Second weekend of the craft show. It has been raining hard all afternoon, so I hope that I don't have too much water in the booth. I will wear my duck boots just in case.

I have been getting lots done. Got the last soap out of the molds finally. Glad there was a bunch of small shaving soap, because that is selling really well. I also figure out how to get the molds I bought to release without destroying them in the process, it was an easy fix, and will save me lots of money in new molds in the future. It also opens me up to being able to so some soaps in different sizes, so that is something that I want to pursue in the next year. maybe sample sizes or hotel/guest soaps... not sure where to go with it.

My toe is still weird. better than it was the other day, but now it feels like I am walking on a blueberry that squishes every time I step down. It feels fat (and it isn't) and is just odd. But the feeling is certainly on its way back to normal.

S and I went to the Sands casino today in Bethlehem. Only the second time I have been there. I won $20. So since last time I was there I lost $20, I'm now even. It was fun to have lunch there and play a bit.

Got to go to the show early tomorrow and inventory and put out new stock. The empty boxes are starting to pile up here, If I have a few more good weeks, who knows what I will have to sell the last week. Lets hope that happens, I would love to just sell it all and start fresh next year.

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