The show is over...

The workshop is the emptiest it has ever been. This makes me happy (but a little stressed too). But it is time to enjoy time with family and friends. It is also time to think about changes for 2010 and to think about my show schedule, wholesale opportunities, and how to clean/rearrange the workshop to make it more efficient.

There were some wonderful milestones this show. Seriously. If you take it as four different shows (each weekend being its own) then week three is was my highest grossing craft show ever. If you take it as one big show (all four weeks together, which is how I think of it), then it was my highest grossing craft show ever. Sales were up by 25% over previous years. I have really been blessed.

Actually when I think of it it really still boggles my mind. It hasn't set in yet that I can actually go this spring without taking out a huge loan for supplies, that I have enough to pay the bills I need to pay, that I won't need to put off my student loans for the spring, or turn off my credit card processing, or the dozens of other things I have gone through in the past to make it from December to May. I can't run off for a cruise either, but there is a certain comfort level going into 2010 that I have lacked in past years.

For me 2010 will be the year of balance. I tried to get more balanced in 2009 and I think I have come a long way. But there were big changes here in the house, with lots of travel and new routines, and my dad being here. I want to take this level I have found into the next year. I think that I fell the happiest I have in a while when it comes to the whole of everything. I have always been happy at home in that part of my life, but other parts needed some love and attention and I think in 2009 I had that chance and I am going to continue that into 2010.

Like the t-shirts say..."life is good"

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