Holiday Craft Boutique- Chalfont- Recap

Holiday Craft Boutique- Chalfont- Recap

Best Sellers:
Soap: Wisdom
Lotion Bars: Lavender
Lip Balm: Raspberry Crème

Observations: I was using this year's shows (spring and fall) to decide if this venue was still working out for me. Based on sluggish sales I have decided that I'll take a break from this show. There are lots of reasons why my sales may be down, but I think that I have been at the show both spring and fall now for three plus years. People like new products, new crafters, and I think I have just outstayed my welcome. I wasn't at the show when it was open to the public so I can't comment on attendance, but that might also be a factor. I know of another crafter who had bad sales as well, so attendance may have been a factor. What I did sell a bunch of was lip balms. Well, I hope they sold and weren’t stolen because this was the first year my table was set up out of the main room, out of direct sight of the cash register. There is certainly a big possibility that what I expect my final sales tally to be and what it will end up being will be two different things…

Follow Up: This was the case. My expected check was to be almost $40 higher than I received. I need to try and straighten out the mistake, but I have a feeling that stuff just grew legs and walksed away. Right now I am not even sure if it is worth the effort to try and figure out what went wrong. Its so darn busy around here and all.

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