Last week was a good week

Last week was a good week. Our best sales yet at all three farmer's markets combined with a 4th of July Celebration in Pottstown meant that we were busy little beavers.

The show in Pottstown isn't one that we will be back to next year. The crowd during the day didn't buy at all- and 1/2 of the shows profits were in the last hour and from only two sales.

C got home on Saturday so the family had two days to spend together and get caught up on things around the house. Sunday was spent cooking and eating, a great grilled meal, and Monday was more cooking and stocking the freezer with food.

We also held down and shaved the cats belly. She has long hair and is getting old, so it gets matted down more than I would like it too. I wish she liked being brushed, but she doesn't. So now she looks funny and is not a happy camper.

I started a new knitting project- finally gave up on on and ripped it out and started with the same yarn on something else. Some projects are just not meant to be. I think I will try the pattern again someday, in the winter, when I have time to concentrate a little more.

It has been crazy hot here and we have had some air quality alerts. So I haven't been running. Breathing already feels difficult so no need to make it harder by adding exercise. But I have been doing some gardening each morning while it it still cool out. I got the landscaping all weeded and the vegetables are all staked up and watered. Even harvested some more cucumbers.

Well I must be off. Got a dentist appointment this morning. Time to get my teeth cleaned :(

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