Chriskindlmarkt Weekend 1

Well I'll be darned, I did better than I thought I would! So no complaints here.

I adore my new spot, I am by super friendly people, I am not too far from the bathrooms, and I think I have a good location for customers as well. The new display really seems to to be well liked. It really is inviting and easy to maneuver. I have been selling lots of things that I usually didn't sell, like shave mugs and gift baskets, so I think these things really have a highlight and are better seen than past years.

Ed Youtz turned me some shaving brush handles and I sold 5 of the 6 shaving brushes I had this first weekend, and this is supposed to be the quiet weekend! He is busily turning away these days off and I am patiently waiting for the brush knots to arrive so that I can assemble them and get them back out for people to see.. I might have to "take orders" for them this weekend... hmm. that is an idea...

I also get in the felted soaps this weekend. The owner of a local alpaca farm has felted some of my soaps for me to offer this year. She sells them year around, but this will be my first foray into selling some too. I have no idea what the reaction will be.

The mini soaps have been popular, I am already out of the oatmeal and the rejuvenations are close behind. Also have gotten a few leads for personalized soaps for a baby shower and a wedding, so that is really cool if those pan out.

I got another order from Spehericality in Flemington NJ this weekend so they needed to stock up, and that is super exciting!

Well just a quick update for now, I have got to get going. I need to go pick up more shave mugs and soap dishes! Bebe is just emptying out the kiln today!

Hope to see you soon!

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