April 2-11, 2012

Well it was a lovely week off. I recharged, got re-inspired, and relaxed. A few of the highlights of the trip include a walk through Old San Juan an Friday. I went with my niece on this annual pilgrimage to tour and pray at seven churches in the old city. Although I am not much of a "go to church" kinda gal, to see the architecture was amazing. So many are in the process of being restored. As i looked around, K prayed in each church, as did thousands of other people. There were even lines to get in all of them! I have to say that the singing, the prayers read out loud, and the music brought me to tears a few times. The faith and love was overwhelming. And then to think that this was going on all over the island, in most towns and cities, people were walking or driving from cathedral to cathedral to pray. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget.

I continued my running plan and finished both week 4 and the week 4 supplemental of the 5k101 running plan. I started week 5, but about halfway through my first interval I fell and rid some damage to the skin on my elbow, hand and knee. So I guess it will be a few more days before I can run again. It isn't so much the knee, that is fine, but my elbow is pretty sore so just sweating burns like crazy.

So here I am, catching up on orders, paperwork, and making some soap. I am finishing up on getting my social networking sites all working and linked together. That is a chore! I have a ton of emails to reply to and phone messages to return. Just going to be a busy day.

But show season is just around the corner, so I have go to keep going :)

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