In Case of Emergency

I have been trying to add things into my business that help me be prepared for an emergency. The first thing I have done is to back up my computer to an off site "cloud". I have always had a back up hard drive, but what good does that do when it is on the desk next to my computer? If something bad happens to one, something will happen to both.

This also means that I have had to start taking some things that live solely in my head or in physical notebooks and start to transfer them into documents that can be stored and retrieved when not at home.

This started for me when I learned that the artisan who mad my air freshener blanks had had a fire, gutting her workshop and a good portion of her home. I am blessed, when my grandmother passed away, my mom and step-dad have kept her mobile home on their property and in working order. I always have a place to go, and I know I could make soap there and have an ad-hoc workshop in not too much time if it was ever necessary. But it is 4 hours away from here, and it doesn't have my notebooks, computers, or recipes. In order to carry on, I would need to have all that information at my finger tips.

I also make sure the fire extinguishers and fire alarms in the shop work and replace batteries every 6 months. My workshop probably has the biggest chance of fire in the house other than the kitchen. We always have crock pots on, small appliances going, heat guns and shrink wrap machines as well. There are quite a few things going on and they can be tough to keep track of.

I also have insurance. I am amazed by the number of people I know that don't have insurance to cover their business. Discuss this with your home or renters insurance and figure out what you need and get it. Figure out what business insurance you need as well. This is not wasted money.We live in a litigious society, take care of yourself. 

I think of all the years, all the time it has taken my to acquire the things I use every day in my work. I think of all the things I have acquired in my home as well. It is important to do all you can to be sure an emergency doesn't happen, but if it does have in place the tools to get yourself running and bringing in income as soon as possible.

It is so hard when you wear so many hats when you own your own business to not let things like this slip by because there always is something more immediate, or pressing to take care of. My hope is that if I make all this preparedness part of a routine, it will just take moments in my future to keep it going.

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Cara Louise said...

Great things to think about, Hedge, thank you for sharing.